46th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics
8 - 12 July 2019

Milan, Italy

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I1.001Malka*, V., Tajima, T.Laser plasma accelerators
I1.002Mantica*, P.Progress and challenges in understanding core transport in tokamaks in support to ITER operations
I1.003Egedal*, J., Olson, J., Greess, S., Forest, C.Exploring driven collisionless reconnection in the Terrestrial Reconnection Experiment (TREX)
I1.004Benedikt*, J., Schulze, C., Sgonina, K., Willems, G., Mokhtar Hefny, M., Große-Kreul, S.Mass spectrometry and plasma chemistry of atmospheric pressure plasma jets
I1.101Stober*, J., Angioni, C., Bañón Navarro, A., Bobkov, V., Bock, A., Fable, E., Fischer, R., Gil, L., Görler, T., Happel, T., Kasparek, W., Leuterer, F., McDermott, R., Monaco, F., Münich, M., Plaum, B., Pütterich, T., Reisner, M., Schubert, M., Suttrop, W., Wagner, D., Zohm, H.Exploring Fusion-Reactor Physics with High-Power Electron-Cyclotron- Resonance Heating (ECRH) on ASDEX Upgrade
I1.102Giruzzi*, G., Yoshida, M.Advances in the physics studies for the JT-60SA tokamak exploitation and research plan
I1.103Nocente*, M., Eidietis, N., Giacomelli, L., Gorini, G., Kazakov, Y., Kiptily, V., Lvovskiy, A., Paz-Soldan, C., Rigamonti, D., Salewski, M., Tardocchi, M.MeV range particle physics studies in tokamak plasmas using gamma-ray spectroscopy
I1.104Todo*, Y., Sato, M., Wang, H., Seki, R.Extended magnetohydrodynamic hybrid simulations with kinetic thermal and fast ions for instabilities in toroidal plasmas
I1.201Rocca*, J.J., Hollinger, R., Shlyaptsev, V.N., Curtis, A., Calvi, C., Moreau, A., Capeluto, M.G., Kaymak, V., Pukhov, A.A., Wang, Y., Wang, S., Song, H., Rockwood, A.Relativistic nanophotonics: creating extreme plasma conditions from nanostructures with ultrafast lasers
I1.202Passoni*, M.Advanced laser-driven ion sources and their applications in materials and nuclear science
I1.203Santos*, J.J., Arefiev, A., Bailly-Grandvaux, M., Bradford, P., Calisti, A., Ehret, M., Ferri, S., Florido, R., Fujioka, S., Honrubia, J.J., Nicolaï, P., Pisarczyk, T., Read, M., Sakata, S., Suzuki-Vidal, F., Tikhonchuk, V.T., Walsh, C., Woolsey, N.Magnetized high energy-density physics
I1.204Kim*, H.Multi-PW laser driven electron acceleration and applications
I1.301Michau*, A.Effects of charge fluctuation on aerosol dynamics and thermal behavior of nanoparticles in dusty plasma
I1.302Levashov*, P.R.Strongly coupled plasma in refractory metals near the liquid-gas coexistence curve and critical point: first-principle study
I1.303Vesel, A., Primc, G., Zaplotnik, R., Mozetič*, M.Industrial applications of highly non-equilibrium low-pressure oxygen plasma
I1.304Škoro*, N., Puač, N., Jovanović, O., Petrović, Z.L.Influence of the atmospheric pressure plasma source configurations on the properties of treated liquid samples
I1.401Krafft*, C., Volokitin, A.Beam generated Langmuir turbulence in plasmas with density fluctuations
I1.402Alves*, E.Efficient non-thermal particle acceleration mediated by the kink instability in jets
I1.403Grassi*, A.Collisionless shock formation and particle acceleration in conditions relevant for NIF experiments.
I1.404Suttle*, L.G., Hare, J.D., Ciardi, A., Loureiro, N., Halliday, J.W., Russell, D., Tubman, E., Lebedev, S.V.Interacting magnetized plasma flows in pulsed-power driven experiments
I2.005Baránková*, H., Bardos, L.Hollow cathode plasma processes and applications
I2.006Fuchs*, J.Magnetized laser plasmas for laboratory astrophysics
I2.101Reimerdes*, H.Assessment of alternative divertor configurations for a European DEMO
I2.102Wauters*, T.M., Borodin, D., Brakel, R., Brezinsek, S., Coda, S., Dinklage, A., Douai, D., Hakola, A., Joffrin, E., Loarer, T., Lyssoivan, A., Moiseenko, V., Ongena, J., Ricci, D., Rohde, V.Wall conditioning in fusion devices with superconducting coils
I2.103Drenik*, A., Alegre, D., Bock, L., Bortolon, A., Brezinsek, S., Cavedon, M., David, P., Dittmar, T., Dunne, M., Jepu, I., Likonen, J., Kruezi, U., Loarer, T., Lunsford, R., Maingi, R., Meisl, G., McDermott, R., Neu, R., Pawelec, E., Pitts, R., Rohde, V., Reichbauer, T., Schmid, K., De Temmerman, G., Widdowson, A., Zaplotnik, R.Nitrogen transport inventory evolution and ammonia formation in N2-seeded discharges on ASDEX Upgrade and JET
I2.104van Berkel*, M.Simultaneous estimation of transport and powerdeposition pro?les and its consequences for transport
I2.105McDermott*, R., Kappatou, A., Angioni, C., Bruhn, C., Manas, P., Bonanomi, N., Dux, R., Fable, E., Pütterich, T., Stroth, U.Validation of low-Z impurity transport theory using charge exchange recombination spectroscopy at ASDEX Upgrade
I2.106Tanaka*, K., Yamada, H., Ohtani, Y., Nakata, M., Tsujimura, T., Takahashi, H., Yokoyama, M., Warmer, F., Nagaoka, K.Isotope effects on transport and turbulence in LHD
I2.201Cantono*, G., Fedeli, L., Pisani, F., Ceccotti, T., Macchi, A.Correlated emission of electrons and XUV harmonics via relativistic surface plasmons
I2.202Lemos*, N.Hard X-ray sources using a picosecond laser driven plasma accelerator
I2.301Kylián*, O., Hanuš, J., Solař, P., Kuzminova, A., Shelemin, A., Kúš, P., Cieslar, M., Libenska, H., Kousal, J., Dopita, M., Prochazka, M., Choukourov, A., Biederman, H.In-flight plasma modification of nanoparticles produced by means of gas aggregation sources
I2.302Colonna*, G.Time dependent self-consistent electron energy distribution functions during nano-second repetitively discharges in reacting N2/H2 mixtures
I2.J501Davies*, A.S., Katz, J., Bucht, S., Haberberger, D., Rozmus, W., Palastro, J.P., Begishev, I.A., Shaw, J.L., Turnbull, D., Boni, R., Follett, R.K., Froula, D.Investigation of collisional electron plasma waves and picosecond thermodynamics in a laser-produced plasma using thomson scattering spectroscopy
I2.J502Tamburini*, M., Benedetti, A., Keitel, C.H.Giant collimated gamma-ray flashes
I2.J503Vieux*, G., Brunetti, E., Cipiccia, S., Eliasson, B., Ersfeld, B., Farmer, J.P., Hur, M., Lemos, N., Welsh, G.H., Wiggins, S.M., Yang, X., Yoffe, S.R., Dias, J.M., Jaroszynski, D.A.Towards a high efficiency amplifier based on Raman amplification
I2.J504Willingale*, L., Campbell, P.T., Raymond, A.E., Alexander, N., Antonelli, L., Bhattachajee, A., Bott, A., Chen, H., Chvykov, V., Del Rio, E., Dong, C., Fiksel, G., Fitzsimmons, P., Fox, W., Gregori, G., Halliday, J., Hou, B., Kordell, P., Krushelnick, K.M., Ma, Y., Maksimchuk, A., McKelvey, A., Mileham, C., Montgomery, E., Nees, J., Nilson, P.M., Notley, M., Palmer, C.A., Ridgers, C.P., Schekochihin, A., Stoeckl, C., Thomas, A.G., Tubman, E., Wei, M., Williams, G.J., Woolsey, N., Yanovsky, V., Zulick, C.Magnetic field generation dynamics and reconnection driven by relativistic intensity laser-plasma interactions
I2.J701Johnson*, E.V.Tailored Voltage Waveforms as a new RF excitation technique for unique plasma processing
I2.J702Milella*, A., Palumbo, F., Bosso, P., Fracassi, F.Low pressure plasma deposition of nanotextured metal and metal oxide thin films for catalytic applications
I2.J703Pawelec*, E., Borodin, D., Borodkina, I., Brezinsek, S., Dittmar, T., Drenik, A., Groth, M.Influence of molecules on outer layers of JET plasma – spectroscopic study
I2.J704Uccello*, A.An insight on the beryllium dust sources in JET ITER-like wall based on numerical simulations
I2.J801Vilmer*, N.Energetic Particle Scattering in Solar Flares
I2.J802Antolin*, P.Thermal non-equilibrium in solar coronal loops: from coronal rain to long-period intensity pulsations
I2.J803Verdini*, A.3D anisotropy of turbulence in the solar wind
I3.007Muggli*, P.AWAKE: physics of self-modulation of a relativistic proton bunch in a plasma and electron acceleration results
I3.008Grulke*, O.Wendelstein 7-X: Towards high-density long-pulse operation
I3.101Schmitz*, O.First-time realization of a stably detached efficient-particle-exhaust divertor regime in the island divertor at Wendelstein 7-X
I3.102Alonso*, J.A., Baldzuhn, J., Brandt, C., Beidler, C., Bozhenkov, S., Brunner, K.J., Burhenn, R., Calvo, I., Carralero, D., Chaudhary, N., Damm, H., Dinklage, A., Estrada, T., Ford, O., Fornal, T., Fuchert, G., García-Regaña, J.M., Geiger, J., Hirsch, M., Höfel, U., Knauer, J., Kubkowska, M., Langenberg, A., Mollén, A., Neuner, U., Oosterbeek, H., Pablant, N., Pasch, E., Rahbarnia, K., Sánchez, E., Schilling, J., Smith, H., Thomsen, H., Turkin, Y., Vanó, L., Velasco, J.L., Windisch, T.Understanding ion and impurity flows in the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator
I3.201Smalyuk*, V.Review of hydrodynamic instability experiments in ICF implosions on National Ignition Facility
I3.202Depierreux*, S.Experimental investigation of the collective Brillouin and Raman scattering of multiple laser beams in ICF experiments
I3.301Rincón*, R., Muñoz, J., Melero, C., Calzada, M.Tuning a microwave plasma for the synthesis of few-layers graphene sheets from ethanol decomposition
I3.302Samukawa*, S.Creating green nanostructures and nanomaterials for advanced energy nanodevices
I3.401Macleod, A.J., Noble*, A., Jaroszynski, D.A.Cherenkov radiation from the quantum vacuum
I3.402Servidio*, S.Phase-space cascade in turbulent plasmas: observations simulations and theory
I3.403Falk*, K., Holec, M., Fontes, C.J., Fryer, C.L., Greeff, C.W., Johns, H.M., Montgomery, D.S., Schmidt, D.W., Šmíd, M.Observation of nonlocal electron transport in Warm Dense Matter
I4.010Ferriere*, K.Plasma turbulence in the interstellar medium
I4.011Grismayer*, T.Beyond a classical description of plasma physics. What does QED bring and change?
I4.101Viezzer*, E., Cavedon, M., Fable, E., Cano Megias, P., Kappatou, A., McDermott, R., Cruz Zabala, D., Dux, R., Laggner, F., Plank, U., Pütterich, T., Willensdorfer, M., Wolfrum, E.Dynamics of the edge transport during edge localized mode cycles
I4.102Hatch*, D.Gyrokinetic Comparison of JET-ILW and JET-C Pedestal Transport
I4.103Wiesen*, S., Bernert, M., Brida, D., Henderson, S., Hobirk, J., Wischmeier, M., Groth, M., Kallenbach, A., Siccinio, M., Dunne, M., Saarelma, S., Boeyaert, D., Reimerdes, H., Reimold, F., Brezinsek, S., Biel, W., Huber, A.Modelling radiative power exhaust towards future fusion devices
I4.104Harrison*, J.Progress Toward Divertor Detachment in TCV H-mode Discharges
I4.105Papp*, G.The effect of high-Z material injection on runaway electron dynamics
I4.106Shiraki*, D., Herfindal, J.L., Baylor, L.R., Eidietis, N.W., Hollmann, E.M., Lasnier, C.J., Moyer, R.A., Raman, R., Sweeney, R.M.Shattered pellet injection research on DIII-D in support of ITER Disruption Mitigation System development
I4.201Iwata*, N., Higashi, N., Sugimoto, K., Sano, T., Mima, K., Sentoku, Y.Theoretical modelling of picoseconds petawatt laser-plasma interactions
I4.202Hilz*, P.Volumetric Ion Acceleration
I4.203Huebl*, A., Widera, R., Garten, M., Pausch, R., Steiniger, K., Bastrakov, S., Debus, A., Kluge, T., Ehrig, S., Werner, M., Worpitz, B., Matthes, A., Rudat, S., Starke, S., Cowan, T.E., Schramm, U., Bussmann, M.Exascale laser plasma physics - from computational speed to predictions
I4.204Arefiev*, A., Gong, Z., Mackenroth, F., Wang, T., Jansen, O., Wei, M., Bulanov, S., Toncian, T.Novel regimes of high-intensity laser-plasma interactions enabled by extreme magnetic fields
I4.301Longo*, S., Viegas, P., van de Sanden, M.C., Diomede, P.A diffusion approach to vibrational kinetics of molecules in plasma
I4.401Tenerani*, A., Velli, M.Alfvénic fluctuations in the solar wind: nonlinearities and kinetic effects
I4.402Told*, D., Groselj, D., Giers, K., Hammett, G.W., Jenko, F.High-realism gyrokinetic simulations for solar wind turbulence
I4.403Cerutti*, B.Particle acceleration in relativistic magnetospheres
I4.404Morlino*, G.Cosmic ray propagation in the Galaxy: the role of self-confinement
I4.J501Huang*, T., Zhou, C., Ju, L., Zhang, H., Ruan, S.High-quality gamma-rays driven by petawatt laser pulse in near-critical density plasmas
I4.J601Dodin*, I., Zhu, H., Zhu, Y., Ruiz, D.Modeling drift-wave turbulence as quantumlike plasma
I4.J602Manke*, F., Baquero-Ruiz, M., Furno, I., Chellaï, O., Fasoli, A., Ricci, P.Time intermittency in non-diffusive fast ion transport in turbulent toroidal plasmas
I5.012Riccardi*, C.Plasma techniques for nanostructured materials
I5.013Loarte*, A.The ITER Research Plan and supporting R&D in present experiments
I5.014Batani*, D.D.The shock ignition approach to laser fusion: status and progress
I5.015Ida*, K.Interplay between MHD and turbulence in plasma
I5.101Huang*, J., Gong, X., Garofalo, A., Ekedahl, A., Qian, J., Chen, J.Progress of physics understanding for long pulse high-performance plasmas on EAST towards steady-state operation of ITER and CFETR
I5.102Henneberg*, S.A., Drevlak, M., Nührenberg, C., Beidler, C.D., Turkin, Y., Loizu, J.Paths towards new quasi-axisymmetric stellarator designs
I5.201Tomassini*, P., Baffigi, F., Brandi, F., Fulgentini, L., Koester, P., Labate, L., Terzani, D., Toci, G., Gizzi, L.A.High quality laser-plasma acceleration with the Resonant Multi-Pulse Ionization injection scheme
I5.202Hussein*, A.E.Optimizing Direct Laser Acceleration
I5.301Martines*, E.Atmospheric pressure helium plasma as a tool for interacting with cells and pathogens
I5.302Thomas*, E., Hall, T., LeBlanc, S., Menati, M., Jaiswal, S., Arnold, N., Konopka, U., Artis, D., Couëdel, L., Merlino, R.L., Rosenberg, M., Rangari, V., Kushner, M.J.Magnetic fields in dusty plasmas: pattern formation particle growth and other recent studies in the Magnetized Dusty Plasma Experiment
I5.401Kadowaki*, L.H., de Gouveia Dal Pino, E.M., Alves Batista, R., Medina-Torrejón, T.E., Rodríguez-Ramírez, J.C., Singh, C.B.Magnetic reconnection in AGN disks and jets
I5.J601Zoletnik*, S., Anda, G., Asztalos, O., Bencze, A., Biedermann, C., Buzas, A., Cseh, G., Dunai, D., Hacek, P., Hu, G.H., Kocsis, G., Lampert, M., Nam, Y.U., Otte, M., Pokol, G.I., Refy, D., Szepesi, T., Tal, B., Vecsei, M., Zsuga, L.Plasma filament dynamics in different toroidal magnetic configurations
I5.J602Biancalani*, A., Bottino, A., Brunner, S., Di Siena, A., Goerler, T., Hatzky, R., Jenko, F., Koenies, A., Lauber, P.W., Novikau, I., Mishchenko, A., Vannini, F., Villard, L., Zocco, A.Interaction of Alfvénic modes and turbulence investigated in a self-consistent gyrokinetic framework
O1.201Koenig*, M., Ozaki, N., Kuramitsu, Y.Europe-Asia collaboration on high energy density physics
O2.101Lunt*, T.A., Pan, O., Herrmann, A., Coster, D., Dunne, M., Feng, Y., McCarthy, P., Reimerdes, H., Theiler, C.Advanced tokamak divertors – Physics basis and plans for ASDEX Upgrade
O2.102Martin*, P.The new Divertor Tokamak Test facility
O2.103Riva*, F., Militello, F., Omotani, J.T., Dudson, B.D., Elmore, S., Newton, S., Nicholas, T., Walkden, N.R.Comparison of three-dimensional plasma edge turbulence simulations in realistic double null tokamak geometry with experimental observations
O2.104Ohana*, N., Villard, L., Brunner, S., McMillan, B.F., Tronko, N., Bottino, A., Biancalani, A., Novikau, I., Mishchenko, A.Steady and oscillatory applied sheared flows in global gyrokinetic simulations
O2.105Griener*, M., Wolfrum, E., Harrer, G., Hennequin, P., Manz, P., Fischer, R., Tal, B., Stroth, U.Investigation of intermittent and continuous transport in the scrape-off layer of ASDEX Upgrade
O2.106Stepanenko*, A.A., Wang, H.Q., Krasheninnikov, S.I.Influence of edge plasma parameters on anomalous transport driven by current-convective turbulence in tokamak divertor plasma
O2.107Kirschner*, A., Brezinsek, S., Tskhakaya, D., Borodin, D., Romazanov, J., Eksaeva, A., Ding, R., Linsmeier, C.Modelling of tungsten erosion transport and deposition in fusion devices
O2.108Challis*, C.D., Brezinsek, S., Coffey, I., Hawkes, N., Keeling, D., King, D., Pucella, G., Viezzer, E.Effect of fuel isotope mass on q-profile formation in JET hybrid plasmas
O2.109Dudkovskaia*, A.V., Connor, J., Dickinson, D., Hill, P., Imada, K., Wilson, H.Drift kinetic description of neoclassical tearing modes
O2.110Gil*, L., Silva, C., Happel, T., Birkenmeier, G., Cavedon, M., Conway, G., Guimarãis, L., Pütterich, T., Santos, J., Seliunin, E., Silva, A., Stober, J., Stroth, U., Trier, E., Wolfrum, E.Stationary ELM-free H-mode in ASDEX Upgrade
O2.111Plank*, U., Pütterich, T., Angioni, C., Cavedon, M., Kappatou, A., McDermott, R., Schneider, P.H-mode power threshold studies at ASDEX Upgrade in mixed ion species plasmas
O2.112Caschera*, E., Dif-Pradalier, G., Ghendrih, P., Grandgirard, V., Asahi, Y., Donnel, P., Garbet, X., Gillot, C., Latu, G., Passeron, C., Richard, J., Sarazin, Y., Serre, E., Tamain, P.Impact of SOL-like boundary layer on edge turbulence in global flux-driven gyrokinetic simulations
O2.201Andreev*, A., Lecz, Z.Efficient generation of atto-pulses and positrons at the interaction of ultra-intense laser radiation with the shaped targets
O2.202Annenkov*, V., Timofeev, I., Berendeev, E., Volchok, E.Powerful electromagnetic emission from a plasma with counterstreaming different-size electron beams
O2.203Kumar*, D., Soloviev, A., Šmíd, M., Burdonov, K., Alkhimova, M., Bohlin, H., Lancia, L., Makarov, S., Pikuz, S., Starodubtsev, M., Klimo, O., Weber, S., Tikhonchuk, V., Nakatsutsumi, M., Fuchs, J.High resolution imaging of transition radiation emitted from resonantly accelerated electrons from relativistic laser matter interaction
O2.301Pigeon*, V., Claire, N., Arnas, C., Doveil, F.Ceramics’ sheath probed using Laser Induced Fluorescence
O2.302Schweigert*, I., Keidar, M.Generic Properties of Plasma Sheath over Emissive Planar/Grooved Walls
O2.303Muñoz Espadero*, J., Martínez Aguilar, J., González-Gago, C., Castaños Martínez, E., Calzada Canalejo, M., Rincón Liévana, R.Influence of the gas-flow on the thermodynamic equilibrium of atmospheric-pressure microwave plasmas
O2.J801Forest*, C., Peterson, E., Endrizzi, D., Clark, M., Egedal, J., Flanagan, K., Milhone, J., Olson, J., Sovinec, C., McCollum, K., Wallace, J.A Laboratory Model for the Parker Spiral and Solar Wind
O2.J802Bemporad*, A., Susino, R., Frassati, F., Mancuso, S., Lapenta, G., Bacchini, F.Determination of plasma physical properties across collisionless shocks driven by solar eruptions
O3.101Pablant*, N.A., Langenberg, A., Alonso, A., Baldzuhn, J., Beidler, C.D., Bötteger, L.G., Bozhenkov, S., Burhen, R., Brunner, K.J., Dinklage, A., Edlund, E., Fuchert, G., Ford, O., Gates, D.A., Geiger, J., Grulke, O., Hirsch, M., Höfel, U., Huang, Z., Kazakov, Y., Knauer, J., Krychowiak, M., Kring, J., Laqua, H., Landreman, M., Lazerson, S., Maaßberg, H., Marchuck, O., Mollén, A., Pasch, E., Pavone, A., Porkolab, M., Satake, S., Schröder, T., Smith, H.M., Svensson, J., Traverso, P., Turkin, Y., Velasco, J.L., Von Stechow, A., Warmer, F., Weir, G., Wolf, R.C., Zhang, D.Role of the radial electric field in Wendelstein 7-X
O3.102Oishi*, T., Morita, S., Kobayashi, M., Kawamura, G., Kawamoto, Y., Goto, M.Study of impurity transport in deuterium and hydrogen plasmas in the edge stochastic magnetic field layer of Large Helical Device
O3.103Nagasaki*, K., Yamamoto, S., Cappa, A., Ascasibar, E., Nagaoka, K., Castejon, F., Ishizawa, A., Isobe, M., Kado, S., Kobayashi, S., Marushchenko, N., Melnikov, A., Minami, T., Mizuuchi, T., Nakamura, Y., Ogawa, K., Ohshima, S., Okada, H., Osakabe, M., Weir, G.Energetic-particle-driven MHD instabilities and their control by ECH/ECCD in helical plasmas
O3.104Lang*, P.T., Angioni, C., Bernert, M., Kardaun, O., Ploeckl, B., Tardini, G., Zohm, H.Energy confinement in the pellet-enforced high-density regime at ASDEX Upgrade
O3.105Bozhenkov*, S., Kazakov, Y., Ford, O., Beurskens, M., Baldzuhn, J., Damm, H., Fuchert, G., Langenberg, A., Pablant, N., Pasch, E., von Stechow, A., Wolf, R.Plasma performance in high-density and high-confinement regimes in Wendelstein 7-X
O3.201Glize*, K., Antonelli, L., Woolsey, N., Khan, M., Arber, T., Bennett, K., Goffrey, T., Barlow, D., Theobald, W., Casner, A., Batani, D., Betti, R., Tikhonchuk, V., Garbett, W., Li, C., Wei, M., Atzeni, S., Rosenberg, M.Experiments and simulations up to ignition scales on the laser direct drive shock ignition approach to laser fusion
O3.202Ren*, G., Lan, K., Chen, Y., Zhai, C., Liu, J.Octahedral spherical hohlraum for Rev. 6 NIF Beryllium capsule
O3.203Amendt*, P.A., Nora, R., Smalyuk, V.High-efficiency rugby-shaped hohlraum designs for driving large gas-filled capsules on the NIF
O3.204Riquier*, R., Tassin, V., Philippe, F., Jacquet, L.Design and analysis of a 3D ICF implosion campaign on the Omega laser with the TROLL code
O3.205Ruocco*, A., Maximov, A.V., Palastro, J.P., Follett, R.K., Theobald, W., Glize, K., Casner, A., Batani, D., Trela, J., Duchateau, G., Colaïtis, A., Tikhonchuk, V.T.Modeling of laser-plasma interaction in the shock ignition regime with LPSE: Comparison with particle in-cell simulations and experiments
O3.301Siasko*, A., Golubovskii, Y.The role of thermal effects in constriction of positive column in inert gases
O3.302Snirer*, M., Kudrle, V., Toman, J., Jašek, O., Jurmanová, J.Influence of molecular admixtures on filamentation in microwave plasma torch
O3.303Nosenko*, V., Meyer, J., Zhdanov, S., Thomas, H.Experimental observation of large 2D plasma crystals
O3.304Jagodar*, A., von Wahl, E., Berndt, J., Strunskus, T., Traeger, F., Cvelbar, U., Lecas, T., Boulmer-Leborgne, C., Kovacevic, E.Plasma assisted synthesis of carbon nanowalls
O3.305Ravensbergen, T., van Berkel, M., Perek, A., van Kampen, R.J., Lammers, J.T., Duval, B.P., Fevrier, O., Galperti, C., Theiler, C., Reimerdes, H., Linehan, B., de Baar*, M.R., Classen, I.Real-time control of the CIII emission front using MANTIS
O3.401Horn-Stanja*, J., Nißl, S., Hergenhahn, U., Sunn Pedersen, T., Saitoh, H., Stenson, E.V., Dickmann, M., Hugenschmidt, C., Singer, M., Stoneking, M.R., Danielson, J.R.Positron confinement exceeding 1s in a magnetic dipole trap
O3.402Minenna*, D.F., Elskens, Y., Doveil, F., André, F., Poyé, A.Nonlinear wave-particle interaction in helix traveling-wave tubes using N-body simulations in time domain
O3.403Kocharovsky*, V.V., Borodachev, L.V., Garasev, M.A., Kolomiets, D.O., Nechaev, A.A.Long-term nonlinear dynamics of electron-ion Weibel instability in laser plasmas and stellar winds
O4.101Ashourvan*, A., Nazikian, R., Grierson, B., Guttenfelder, W., Haskey, S., Belli, E., Candy, J., Eldon, D., Petty, C.Formation of a staircase pedestal with suppressed Edge-Localized-Modes (ELMs) in the DIII-D tokamak
O4.102Horvath*, L., Maggi, C.F., Chankin, A., Saarelma, S., Belonohy, E., Boboc, A., Delabie, E.G., Field, A.R., Flanagan, J., Frassinetti, L., Giroud, C., Keeling, D., King, D., Maslov, M., Matthews, G.F., Menmuir, S., Silburn, S.A., Sips, G., Weisen, H., Gibson, K.J.Isotope dependence of the pedestal in JET-ILW type I ELMy H-modes
O4.103Diallo*, A., Dominski, J., Barada, K., Zeng, L., Knolker, M., Laggner, F., Rhodes, T., Kramer, G., Mckee, G.Pedestal modes interactions triggering bursts and leading to the onset of edge localized modes on DIII-D
O4.104Harrer*, G.F.The ballooning structure of small edge localized modes on AUG and TCV
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P5.4014Chen*, W.Onset of wave turbulence in dust acoustic waves
P5.4015Valvis*, S., Hizanidis, K., Ram, A.K., Papadopoulos, A., Glytsis, E.Scattering of lower hybrid radio frequency waves by cylindrical turbulent structures in the plasma edge in tokamaks
P5.4016Kumar*, U., Ganesh, R., K., S., Saxena, Y.C., Daniel, R., Thatipamula, S.G.Study of quasi-static equilibrium fluctuation and confinement in a currentless toroidal device using two different plasma sources in the presence of plasma flow
P5.4017Robertson*, J.Propagation of Alfven Waves in a Two Ion Species Plasma

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