Vol. 42A
ISBN: 979-10-96389-08-7

45th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics
2 - 6 July 2018

Prague, Czech Republic

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O2.101Maggi, C.F., Weisen, H., Auriemma, F., Casson, F.J., Delabie, E., Horvath, L., Lorenzini, R., Nordman, H., Flanagan, J., Keeling, D., Kim, H., King, D., Manmuir, S., Sips, G.Isotope identity experiments in JET-ILW
O2.102Marin, M., Citrin, J., Ho, A., Bourdelle, C., Camenen, Y., Casson, F.J., Koechl, F., Maslov, M.Isotope-mixing at JET: experiments and modelling
O2.103Lang, P.T., Drenik, A., Dux, R., Jackson, T., Kardaun, O., McDermott, R.M., Ploeckl, B., Prechtl, M., Rohde, V., Ruess, R.R., Schneider, P.A., Schubert, M., Team, A.U.Isotope mixture control in the high density regime by pellet injection at ASDEX Upgrade
O2.104Manas, P., Angioni, C., Kappatou, A., Ryter, F., Schneider, P.The confinement of helium tokamak plasmas, impact of electron heating, turbulent transport and zonal flows
O2.105Kappatou, A., Weiland, M., Bilato, R., Kazakov, Y.O., Dux, R., Bobkov, V., Geiger, B., Pütterich, T., McDermott, R.M.CXRS measurements of energetic helium ions in ASDEX Upgrade plasmas heated with a three-ion species ICRH scheme
O2.106Borodkina, I., Douai, D., Alegre, D., Borodin, D., Brezinsek, S., Cal, E.D., Corre, Y., Drenik, A., Gaspar, J., Joffrin, E., Klepper, C., Loarer, T., Maslov, M., Sergienko, G., Vartanian, S., Wauters, T.Isotope wall content control strategy in the upcoming D, H and T experimental campaigns in JET-ILW
O2.107Suttrop, W.A., Kirk, A., Bobkov, V., Cavedon, M., Dunne, M., Leuthold, N., McDermott, R.M., Meyer, H., Nazikian, R., Paz-Soldan, C., Ryan, D.A., Viezzer, E., Willensdorfer, M.Experimental conditions for suppressing Edge Localised Modes by magnetic perturbations in ASDEX Upgrade
O2.108Strumberger, E., Guenter, S.CASTOR3D: linear stability studies for tokamak and stellarator configurations
O2.109Schmitz, L., Kriete, M., Wilcox, R., Yan, Z., Rhodes, T.L., McKee, G.R., Paz-Soldan, C., Zeng, L., Marinoni, A., Gohil, P., Lyons, B., Petty, C.C.L-H transition dynamics in ITER-similar plasmas with applied n=3 magnetic perturbations
O2.110Hosokawa, M., Loarte, A., Huijsmans, G.T., Takizuka, T., Hayashi, N., Adamek, J., Seidl, J., Horacek, J., Komm, M.Modelling of the effects of divertor recycling conditions and toroidal field direction on divertor power and particle flux asymmetries between and during ELMs with PARASOL for COMPASS-like plasmas
O2.112Chen, X.Wide pedestal quiescent H-mode plasmas in DIII-D tokamak
O2.301Achkasov, K.Design and performance of solid-state microwave plasma sources for lab and industrial applications
O2.304Stepanova, O., Pinchuk, M., Astafiev, A., Chen, Z., Kudryavtsev, A.Features of forming atmospheric pressure plasma jet in helium and argon flows
O2.307Shaw, D., Gibson, A., Wagenaars, E.Low-temperature plasma removal of deposits from fusion first mirrors
O2.308Vodopyanov, A., Sidorov, A., Razin, S., Sidorov, D., Morozkin, M., Tsvetkov, A., Fokin, A., Veselov, A., Malygin, V., Kuftin, A., Glyavin, M., Golubev, S.Emission properties of a point-like discharge in an inhomogeneous gas flow supported by sub-THz radiation
O2.J201Yi, L., Fülöp, T.Relativistic magnetic reconnection in laser-microplasma interaction
O2.J202Arzhannikov, A.V.Study of mechanisms of sub-mm wave emission from plasma due to two-stream instability of relativistic electron beam
O2.J301Shaaban Hamd, S.M., Lazar, M., Poedts, S.Cumulative instabilities of the nonthermal solar wind electrons: strahls (heat fluxes), temperature anisotropies and suprathermals
O3.103Zhang, D., Koenig, R., Feng, Y., Burhenn, R., Giannone, L., Jakubowski, M., Brezinsek, S., Buttenschoen, B.First observation of a stable highly-radiative divertor regime at stellarator W7-X
O3.105Strauss, H., Jachmich, S., Joffrin, E., Gerasimov, S., Riccardo, V., Paccagnella, R., Breslau, J., Fu, G.Reduction of Asymmetric wall force in JET and ITER including runaway electrons
O3.106Joffrin, E.H.Magnetic fluctuations during the Thermal and current quench of mitigated disruptions and comparison with 3D non-linear MHD predictions
O3.107Eidietis, N.W., Aleynikov, P., Herfindal, J.L., Hollmann, E.M., Lvovskiy, A., Moyer, R.A., Parks, P.B., Paz-Soldan, C., Shiraki, D.DIII-D research in support of the ITER disruption mitigation system
O3.109de Vries, P., Gribov, Y.Size matters: ITER breakdown and plasma initiation revisited
O3.110Nardon, E.Magnetic configuration and plasma start-up in the WEST tokamak
O3.J401Mansfeld, D., Shalashov, A., Gospodchikov, E., Izotov, I., Skalyga, V., Tarvainen, O.Observation of CW to pulsed mode transition of cyclotron maser emission from magnetic mirror
O3.J402Viktorov, M., Shalashov, A., Gospodchikov, E., Mansfeld, D., Abramov, I., Golubev, S.Frequency sweeping events in cyclotron emission of energetic electrons in ECR discharge plasmas
O3.J403Pueschel, M., Terry, P., Tyburska-Pueschel, B., Jenko, F.Electron-Positron Plasma Turbulence Driven by Pressure Gradients
O3.J404Vlad, M., Spineanu, F.Average flows and stochastic islands in the magnetic field line random walk
O4.101Colas, L., Jacquet, P., Bobkov, V., Brix, M., Meneses, L., Kirov, K., Lerche, E., Klepper, C.C., Goniche, M., Křivská, A., Dumortier, P., Czarnecka, A.2D mappings of ICRF-induced SOL density modifications on JET
O4.103Sertoli, M.Effects of the ICRH resonance position on the profile shape of the W density in JET-ILW H-mode discharges
O4.104Urban, J., Casolari, A., Fridrich, D., Jaulmes, F., Havlicek, J., Hron, M., Imrisek, M., Komm, M., Kripner, L., Macusova, E., Markovic, T., Panek, R., Peterka, M., Podolnik, A., Weinzettl, V.Performance predictions for the COMPASS upgrade tokamak
O4.106Rozhansky, V., Kaveeva, E., Senichenkov, I., Vekshina, E.Role of neoclassical mechanisms in the formation of a tokamak scrape-off layer
O4.107Wensing, M., De Oliveira, H., Duval, B.P., Février, O., Fil, A., Galassi, D., Maurizio, R., Reimerdes, H., Tsui, C.K., Verhaegh, K.H., Theiler, C.G., Wischmeier, M.SOLPS simulation of TCV divertor leg length studies
O4.108Knolker, M., Bortolon, A., Evans, T., Leonard, A., Nazikian, R., Zohm, H.Test of the Eich model for ELM energy densities in DIII-D
O4.109Freethy, S.J.Turbulence measurements and gyrokinetic validation at ASDEX Upgrade
O4.110Falessi, M., Zonca, F.Transport theory of phase space zonal structures
O4.218Bolun, C.Experimental progress of pulse shape integrated implosion on SGIII facility
O4.J503Maero, G., Panzeri, N., Pozzoli, R., Romé, M.Dynamics and stability in RF-generated nonneutral plasmas
O5.103Nocente, M.A quantitative comparison between confined fast ion data and models from radio frequency heating experiments with the three ion scenarios at JET
O5.104Sahlberg, A.E.Component wise DT fusion yield prediction with neutron spectrometry
O5.302Colonna, G.Self-consistent modeling of discharges:the role of superelastic collisions
O5.303Lee, B.Waterless fracturing for shale gas/oil production using plasma blasting
O5.304Bílek, P., Šlapanská, M., Hoder, T., Šimek, M., Bonaventura, Z.Simulation of electron interactions with liquid water and processes related to sub-nanosecond electrical breakdown
O5.J601Del Zanna, L., Papini, E., Landi, S., Bugli, M., Bucciantini, N.The tearing instability in relativistic magnetohydrodynamics
O5.J602Ham, C., Cowley, S., Wilson, H.Nonlinear ballooning flux tubes in tokamak geometry
O5.J603Hoppe, M., Embréus, O., Svensson, P., Unnerfelt, L., Fülöp, T.Simulations of bremsstrahlung and synchrotron radiation from runaway electrons
P1.1001Nicolai, A., Gryaznevich, M.α - Particle and NBI - ion deposition in a compact spherical Tokamak due to slowing down
P1.1002Shaing, K.Banana kinetic equation and plasma transport in tokamaks
P1.1003Kim, D.Modeling of sawtooth-induced fast particle redistribution in NSTX-U
P1.1004Gott, Y.V., Kadyrgulov, A.A.New type of charge-exchange particle analyzer
P1.1005Bombarda, F., Apruzzese, G., Carraro, L., Gabellieri, L., Puiatti, M., Romano, A., Valisa, M., Zaniol, B., Apicella, M., Giovannozzi, E., Grosso, A., Iafrati, M., Mazzitelli, G., Piergotti, V., Rocchi, G., Sibio, A., Tilia, B.High Resolution EUV Spectroscopy on FTU with Tin Liquid Limiter
P1.1006Kwak, J.Beam slowing down time measurement using beam blip in KSTAR
P1.1008Prisiazhniuk, D., Conway, G., Happel, T., Kraemer-Flecken, A., Manz, P., Stroth, U.Application of the microwave beam steering from poloidal correlation reflectometry for investigation of L-mode turbulence
P1.1009Krutkin, O.L., Gusakov, E.Z., Heuraux, S., Lechte, C.Nonlinear Doppler reflectometry power response
P1.1010Farník, M., Urban, J., Zajac, J., Bogár, O., Ficker, O., Macůšová, E., Mlynář, J., Čeřovský, J., Varavin, M., Weinzettl, V., Hron, M.Runaway electron diagnostics for the COMPASS tokamak using EC emission
P1.1011Hammond, K.Development of a pop-up Langmuir probe array for the W7-X high-heat-flux divertor
P1.1012Chen, P.Using D-alpha spectrum to study fast ion on HL-2A
P1.1015Molina Cabrera, P.A.Pulse Reflectometer and Doppler back-scattering diagnostics in the TCV Tokamak
P1.1016Rivero-Rodriguez, J.F., Garcia-Munoz, M., Sanchis, L., Martin, R., McClements, K., Akers, R., Snicker, A., Ayllon-Guerola, J., Buchanan, J., Cano-Megias, P., Galdon-Quiroga, J., Garcia-Vallejo, D., Gonzalez-Martin, J.Development and installation of a scintillator based detector for fast-ion losses in the MAST-U tokamak
P1.1023Trier, E., Hennequin, P., Pinzon, J., Hoelzl, M., Conway, G., Happel, T., Harrer, G., Mink, F., Orain, F., Wolfrum, E.Studying ELM filaments with Doppler reflectometry in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.1024Wolfrum, E., Griener, M., Cavedon, M., Munoz Burgos, J., Schmitz, O., Stroth, U.First results from the thermal helium beam diagnostic at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.1026Hitzler, F., Wischmeier, M., Reimold, F., Bernert, M., Kallenbach, A., Coster, D.P.SOLPS modeling of impurity seeded plasmas in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.1027Elmore, S., Thornton, A.J., Scannell, R., Kirk, A.Scaling of the scrape-off layer width in MAST L-mode plasmas as measured by infrared thermography
P1.1029Penko, D., Kos, L., Mastrostefano, S., Yadykin, D.3D tokamak Wall description within ITER Integrated Modelling and Analysis (IMAS) framework
P1.1030Chandra, R., Akkermans, G., Classen, I., Perillo, R., de Blank, H., Diomede, P., Westerhof, E.Numerical modelling of detached plasma experiments with differential pumping in Magnum-PSI
P1.1034Istokskaia, V., Shkut, M., Cerovsky, J., Farnik, M., Grover, O., Hudec, L., Macha, P., Krbec, J., Svoboda, V., Stockel, J., Adamek, J.Tokamak GOLEM for fusion education - chapter 9
P1.1035Postupaev, V.V.Work progress on GOL-NB multiple-mirror trap
P1.1037Ivanov, N., Kakurin, A.Reverse of tokamak plasma rotation under tearing-mode locking by external resonant magnetic perturbation
P1.1038Nishimura, S.Neoclassical tearing mode induced by error field penetration
P1.1039Liu, H., Shimizu, A., Isobe, M., Okamura, S., Xu, Y., Tang, C., Yang, L., Liu, H., Zhang, X., Huang, J., Wang, X., Yin, D., Wan, Y.Configuration Characteristics of Tokamak-like Stellarator, Chinese First Quasi-axisymmetric Stellarator
P1.1040Petrov, Y., Bakharev, N., Bulanin, V., Cusev, V., Kurskiev, G., Martynov, A., Medvedev, S., Minaev, V., Patrov, M., Petrov, A., Petrov, M., Solokha, V., Sakharov, N., Shchegolev, P., Telnova, A., Tolstyakov, S., Yashin, A.Toroidal Alfven eigenmode study on the Globus-M spherical tokamak
P1.1041Dudkovskaia, A.V., Connor, J.W., Dickinson, D., Hill, P., Imada, K., Wilson, H.R.A reduced drift magnetic island theory of neoclassical tearing modes for low collisionality plasmas
P1.1042Martin-Solis, J.R., Hollmann, E.M., Loarte, A., Lehnen, M.A Simplified Approach to the Physics of Runaway Electron Beam Dissipation in Tokamak Disruptions
P1.1044Weyens, T., Loarte, A., Huijsmans, G., Reynolds-Barredo, J.Progress in the modelling of 3-D effects on MHD stability with the PB3D numerical code and implications for ITER
P1.1045Wingen, A., Wilcox, R.S., Delgado-Aparicio, L.F., Granetz, R., Houshmandyar, S., Hubbard, A., Shiraiwa, S., Cianciosa, M.R., Seal, S.Onset conditions of helical cores in tokamaks for extrapolation to ITER
P1.1046Ichiguchi, K., Carreras, B.A., Sakakibara, S.Causality study of MHD events in LHD plasmas
P1.1047Anastopoulos-Tzanis, M., Dudson, B.D., Ham, C.J., Hegna, C.C., Snyder, P.B., Wilson, H.R.Perturbative 3D Ideal MHD Stability of Tokamak Plasmas
P1.1048Evangelias, A., Kaltsas, D.A., Kuiroukidis, A., Morrison, P.J., Poulipoulis, G., Throumoulopoulos, G.N.Certain developments on the equilibrium of magnetized plasmas
P1.1049van Vugt, D.C., Huijsmans, G.T., Franssen, S., Korving, S.Q., Hoelzl, M., Loarte, A.Coupled nonlinear MHD-particle simulations for ITER with the JOREK+particle-tracking code
P1.1051Inoue, S., Strait, E., Taylor, Z., Paz-Soldan, C., Ferraro, N., Hanson, J., Jardin, S., La Haye, R., Logan, N.Locked-tearing mode control by 3D magnetic field with presence of static error fields
P1.1052Kim, S., Saarelma, S., Na, Y., Kwon, O.Effect of the pressure gradient in the connection region on the PBM stability
P1.1053Shimizu, A.Design study of the magnetic field coils and configuration for the Chinese First Quasi-axisymmetric Stellarator
P1.1055Yu, L.Low-frequency fishbone driven by passing fast ions in Tokamak plasmas
P1.1056Matveeva, E., Ficker, O., Havlicek, J., Havranek, A., Hronova, O., Panek, R., Weinzettl, V., Yanovskiy, V.Statistical analysis of disruptions in COMPASS
P1.1058Levesque, J.P., Bialek, J., Brooks, J.W., DeSanto, S., Hansen, C., Mauel, M.E., Navratil, G.A., Stewart, I.G.Asymmetric scrape-off layer currents during MHD and disruptions
P1.1059Yanovskiy, V., Isernia, N., Pustovitov, V., Villone, F., Havlicek, J., Hron, M., Komm, M., Matveeva, E., Panek, R., Urban, J.Estimations of disruption forces in the COMPASS-U tokamak
P1.1060Hu, Q., Du, X., Yu, Q., Logan, N., Kolemen, E., Nazikian, R.Nonlinear modeling of the effect of multiple locked modes on heat transport
P1.1061Centurion, B.L., Martinell, J.J., Lopez-Fraguas, A., Reynolds, J.M., Lopez-Bruna, D.MHD equilibria with magnetic islands in TJ-II using SIESTA
P1.1062Ficker, O., Imrisek, M., Mlynar, J., Macusova, E., Svoboda, J., Weinzettl, V., Urban, J., Havranek, A., Cerovsky, J., Farnik, M., Grover, O., Hron, M., Panek, R., Plyusnin, V., Vlainic, M.Analysis of MGI disruptions and runaway electron beams at COMPASS using tomography and fast camera data
P1.1063Fontdecaba, J., Hernández-Sánchez, J., Panadero, N., McCarthy, K.J., Cappa, A., Ros, A.Observation of suprathermal ions with Neutral Particle Analyzers during electron cyclotron heating in the TJ-II stellarator.
P1.1064Napoli, F., Castaldo, C., Cardinali, A., Ceccuzzi, S., Cesario, R., Ravera, G., Ricci, R., Tuccillo, A., Vlad, G., Ding, B., Li, M.Non-monochromatic RF power injection to control lower hybrid parametric instabilities in tokamak plasmas
P1.1065Pinsker, R.I., Moeller, C.P., deGrassie, J.S., Brookman, M.W., Nagy, A., Torreblanca, H., O'Neill, R.C., Porkolab, M.Design considerations and research and development of a comb-line traveling wave antenna for helicon current drive in DIII-D
P1.1066Castaldo, C., Cardinali, A.Alpha channeling by inverse nonlinear damping of ion Bernstein waves
P1.1067Snicker, A., Särkimäki, K., Varje, J., Schneider, M., Polevoi, A.Neutral beam ion shine-through calculations for the reduced field and current plasmas in ITER
P1.1068Marsen, S., Brunner, K., Laqua, H., Stange, T., Moseev, D.Optimization of ECRH operation at high densities in Wendelstein 7-X
P1.1069Preinhaelter, J., Hillairet, J., Urban, J.OLGA – efficient full wave code for the coupling of LH grills
P1.1070Bilato, R., Polevoi, A.R., Schneider, M., Brambilla, M., Fable, E., Weiland, M., Kazakov, Y.O., Lerche, E., Loarte, A., Ongena, J., Pinches, S., Van Eester, D.Synergies between H-NBI fast-ions and ICRF heating in the non-activated operational phase of ITER
P1.1072Mantsinen, M.J., Bobkov, V., Gallart, D., Pütterich, T., Sauter, O.Modelling of ICRF heating in ASDEX Upgrade discharges with pure wave heating relevant to the ITER baseline scenario
P1.1073Samulyak, R., Bosviel, N., Parks, P.B.Lagrangian particle simulation of neon pellet ablation clouds for plasma disruption mitigation in tokamaks
P1.1074Artaud, J., Garcia, J., Giruzzi, G., Imbeaux, F., de la Luna, E.Validation of modelling of JT-60SA tokamak scenarios with METIS code
P1.1075Gribov, Y., Kavin, A., Lukash, V., Lobanov, K., Mineev, A., Dubrov, M., Khayrutdinov, R., Snipes, J., de Vries, P.Progress in simulation of ITER First Plasma operation
P1.1076Rea, C., Erickson, K., Granetz, R., Johnson, R., Eidietis, N., Montes, K., Tinguely, R.A.Initial results of a Machine Learning-based real-time disruption predictor on DIII-D
P1.1077Kim, S.Assessment of the ITER baseline operation scenario using CORSICA
P1.1079Pesamosca, F., Coda, S., Felici, F., Anand, H.A generalized shape and position controller for the TCV tokamak
P1.1080Mele, A., Pironti, A., De Tommasi, G., Xiao, B.Shape reconstruction and eddy currents estimation via Kalman Filter at the EAST tokamak
P1.1081Geiger, B., Akers, R., Bock, A., Dunne, M., Giannone, L., Hobirk, J., VanVuuren, A.Fast-ion transport in advanced tokamak scenarios with qmin close to two at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.1083Creely, A.J., Conway, G.D., Freethy, S.J., Goerler, T., Rodriguez-Fernandez, P., White, A.E., ASDEX Upgrade Team, T.Multi-machine, multi-discharge validation of TGLF on Alcator C-Mod and ASDEX Upgrade
P1.1084Yamada, H.Characterization of isotope effect on confinement of NBI-heated plasmas on LHD
P1.1089Honda, M.Prediction of kinetic profiles using a new transport solver based on global optimization techniques
P1.1091Idouakass, M., Gravier, E., Lesur, M., Medina, J., Reveille, T., Garbet, X., Sarazin, Y.Impurity transport and trapped particle modes
P1.1092Smith, H.M., Mollén, A., Beidler, C.D.Neoclassical transport in the High density H-mode in Wendelstein 7-AS - revisited with new tools
P1.1094Mollén, A.V., Landreman, M., Smith, H.M., Alcusón, J.A., Xanthopoulos, P., García-Regaña, J.M., Velasco, J.L., Iantchenko, A., Buller, S., Langenberg, A., Pablant, N.A., Helander, P.Calculations of impurity transport in Wendelstein 7-X plasmas
P1.1095Sasaki, M., Kobayashi, T., Itoh, K., Kasuya, N., Kosuga, Y., Fujisawa, A., Inagaki, S., Itoh, S.Spatio-temporal dynamics of turbulence coupling with zonal flows
P1.1096Grover, O., Seidl, J., Adamek, J., Imrisek, M., Vondracek, P., Tomes, M., Havlicek, J., Weinzettl, V., Hron, M., Panek, R.Search for zonal structures on the radial electric field and Reynolds stress profiles on COMPASS
P1.1097Pinzon Acosta, J., Angioni, C., Happel, T., Hennequin, P., Blanco, E., Estrada, T., Stroth, U.Experimental investigation of the mean turbulent structure tilt angle in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak
P1.1098Medvedeva, A., Bottereau, C., Clairet, F.Observation of high frequency edge coherent modes in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.1099Kotschenreuther, M.T., Liu, X., Hatch, D.R., Zheng, L., Mahajan, S.M., Diallo, A., Groebner, R.J., Hughes, J.W., Maggi, C.F., Saarelma, S., Parail, V., Koechl, F.Principle perpetrators of H-mode energy losses identified by their transport fingerprints: drift modes
P1.1100Palermo, F., Poli, E., Bottino, A., Ghizzo, A.Complex-eikonal description of geodesic acoustic mode dynamics
P1.1101Bardoczi, L.Test and Validation of TRANSP Kick-Model Predictive Capability of Neoclassical Tearing Mode Induced Fast Ion Transport in ITER Relevant DIII-D Plasmas
P1.1102Luk, O.O., Hoenen, O., Bottino, A., Scott, B.D., Coster, D.P.Optimization of multiscale fusion plasma simulations within the ComPat framework
P1.1103Seidl, J., Jirakova, K., Adamek, J., Grover, O., Horacek, J., Hron, M., Vondracek, P.Fluctuations in the scrape-off layer and edge plasma of the COMPASS tokamak
P1.1104Kiselev, E., Patrov, M., Kurskiev, G., Bakharev, N., Gusev, V., Telnova, A., Khromov, N., Miroshnikov, I., Petrov, Y., Sakharov, N., Minaev, V., Sladkomedova, A., Shchegolev, P., Solokha, V., Tokarev, V., Tolstyakov, S.Thermal energy confinement time scaling with Ip and BT in the Globus-M H-mode
P1.1105Sharma, A.Y., McMillan, B.F., Dominski, J.Strong-flow gyrokinetic simulations with a unified treatment of all length scales
P1.1108Nicolau, J.H., Garcia, L., Carreras, B.A., van Milligen, B., Liu, B., Grenfell, G., Losada, U., Hidalgo, C.Detection of filamentary structrures using transfer entropy in TJ-II and W7-X
P1.1109Leuthold, N., Suttrop, W., Willensdorfer, M., Cavedon, M., Dunne, M., Gil, L., Happel, T., Kirk, A., Manz, P., Vicente, J.On the relation between magnetic perturbations induced toroidal asymmetries and the pump-out effect in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.1111Madsen, B., Huang, J., Salewski, M., Zhang, J., Stagner, L., Chang, J., Wu, C., Ding, S., Gao, W.Velocity-space tomography from synthetic FIDA measurements at EAST
P1.2002Cvejic, M., Mikitchuk, D., Doron, R., Kroupp, E., Stollberg, C., Velikovich, A.L., Giuliani, J.L., Yu, E.P., Fruchtman, A., Maron, Y.Current outflow to low-density plasma region of z-pinch with pre-embedded axial magnetic field
P1.2018Varillon, G., Clarisse, J., Couairon, A.Investigation of supersonic heat-conductivity linear waves in ablation flows
P1.2019Nikl, J., Kuchařík, M., Holec, M., Weber, S.Curvilinear high-order Lagrangian hydrodynamic code for the laser-target interaction
P1.2031Oreshko, A.G., Oreshko, A.A., Mavlyudov, T.B.On possibility of creating a muon-catalytic reactor based on periodic injection of ball lightnings in a chamber with D-T mixture
P1.3001Mustafaev, A., Grabovskiy, A., Soukhomlinov, V.Experimental determination of anisotropic ion velocity distribution function in intrinsic gas plasma
P1.3003Costa, G., Torrisi, L.Electrical and magnetic spectrometry of ions emitted from laser-generated plasma at 10^10 W/cm^2 intensity
P1.3008Ryan, P.J.Comparison of Thomson scattering and Langmuir probe for electron property measurements in a DC magnetron plasma
P1.3009Cherigier-Kovacic, L., Poggi, C., Guillaume, T., Doveil, F.A metastable hydrogen probe beam to measure static and oscillating electric fields
P1.3010Snirer, M., Toman, J., Kudrle, V., Jašek, O., Faltýnek, J., Jurmanová, J.Plasma diagnostics during microwave plasma synthesis of graphene nanosheets
P1.3011Miotk, R., Jasiński, M., Mizeraczyk, J.Analysis of the tuning characteristics of low-power microwave device for generation of plasma sheet
P1.3012Kusýn, L., Hoffer, P., Bonaventura, Z., Hoder, T.Automatized analysis of interferometric measurements on nanosecond pulsed discharge in liquid water
P1.3015Morabit, Y.Quantitative insights in to the fluid interactions downstream of an atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier plasma jet
P1.4003Romé, M., Maero, G., Panzeri, N., Pozzoli, R.Resonant excitation of high-order diocotron modes with rotating RF fields
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