44th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics
26 - 30 June 2017

Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK)

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I1.001Wischmeier, M.The Physics of Cold Radiating Plasma Layers in Magnetic Confinement Fusion Devices
I1.002Riley, D.Generation and characterisation of warm dense matter in the laboratory
I1.003Bellan, P.M.Integrated mechanism that both removes accretion disk angular momentum and drives astrophysical jets
I1.101Howard, N., Holland, C., White, A., Greenwald, M., Candy, J., Creely, A.The role of multi-scale turbulence in determining ion and electron heat transport in ITER relevant plasmas
I1.102Velasco, J.L., Satake, S., García-Regaña, J.M., Calvo, I., Parra, F.I., Alonso, A., Nunami, M.Temperature screening and moderation of neoclassical impurity accumulation in high-temperature plasmas of non-axisymmetric devices
I1.103Maraschek, M., Bernert, M., Fietz, S., Giannone, L., Gude, A., Igochine, V., Pautasso, G., Potzel, S., Rapson, C., Reich, M., Stober, J., Zohm, H., Coda, S., Duval, B., Fontana, M., Galperti, C., Goodman, T., Porte, L., Sauter, O., Alessi, E., Cianfarani, C., Esposito, B., Granucci, G., Nowak, S., Sozzi, C., Marrelli, L., Paccagnella, R., Piovesan, P., Spizzo, G., Zanca, P.Path-oriented early reaction to disruptions in ASDEX Upgrade and TCV in view of the future needs for ITER and DEMO
I1.104Xu, G., Yang, Q., Chen, R., Ye, Y., Qian, J., Gong, X., Wan, B., Liang, Y.New small/no ELM H-mode regimes for steady-state high-performance operations in EAST
I1.201Muggli, P.Very first experimental results of AWAKE: the proton-driven plasma wakefield experiment at CERN
I1.202Goede, S., Roedel, C., Zeil, K., Mishra, R., Gauthier, M., Brack, F., Kluge, T., MacDonald, M., Metzkes, J., Obst, L., Rehwald, M., Ruyer, C., Schlenvoigt, H., Schumaker, W., Sommer, P., Cowan, T., Schramm, U., Glenzer, S., Fiuza, F.Modulated proton beams accelerated in high contrast laser-plasma interactions from condensed hydrogen jets
I1.203Sebban, S., Depresseux, A., Oliva, E., Gautier, J., Tissandier, F., Nejdl, J., Kozlova, M., Maynard, G., Goddet, J.P., Lifschitz, A., Kim, H.T., Jacquemot, S., Malka, V., Ta Phuoc, K., Thaury, C., Vodungbo, B., Lambert, G., Zeitoun, P., Rousse, A.Toward compact and ultra-intense laser-based soft X-ray lasers
I1.204Rozmus, W.Ion acoustic turbulence and kinetic effects in response to temperature gradient in ICF plasmas.
I1.301Donko, Z., Derzsi, A., Brandt, S., Schulze, J., Berger, B., Bruneau, B., Johnson, E., Lafleur, T., Booth, J., Gibson, A., O'Connell, D., Gans, T.Experimental benchmarks of kinetic simulations of capacitively coupled plasmas
I1.302Gueroult, R.Differential magnetic confinement and mass separation in magnetized plasmas
I1.303Benedetti, C.Multi-GeV laser-driven electron acceleration
I1.304Michau, A., Prasanna, S., Arnas, C., Hassouni, K.Aerosol dynamic and dusty plasma effect in sputtering DC discharges
I1.401Del Zanna, L., Pili, A.G., Olmi, B., Bucciantini, N., Amato, E.Relativistic MHD modeling of magnetized neutron stars and their winds
I1.402Zenitani, S.Advances in numerical modeling of relativistic magnetic reconnection
I1.403Heikinheimo, M., Raidal, M., Spethmann, C., Veermäe, H.Collisionless shocks in self-interacting dark matter
I1.404Doria, D., Ahmed, H., Dieckmann, M.E., Sarri, G., Romagnani, L., Cerchez, M., Ianni, E., Prasad, R., Kar, S., Giesecke, A.L., Quinn, K.E., Willi, O., Borghesi, M.Experimental observation of Vishniac-type instability on kinetic scales in laboratory plasma
I2.004Moisan, M., Nowakowska, H.The remarkable contribution of surface-wave sustained plasma columns to the modelling of RF and microwave discharges
I2.005Hubbard, A.E.I-mode and H-mode plasmas at high magnetic field and pressure on Alcator C-Mod
I2.105Fuchert, G., Alonso, A., Beidler, C., Bozhenkov, S., Beurskens, M., Dinklage, A., Feng, Y., Ford, O., Geiger, J., Helander, P., Hirsch, M., Höfel, U., Jakubowski, M., Knauer, J., Kornejew, P., Langenberg, A., Laqua, H., Maaßberg, H., Marushchenko, N., Moseev, D., Niemann, H., Pablant, N., Pasch, E., Rahbarnia, K., Stange, T., Svensson, J., Trimino Mora, H., Turkin, Y., Weir, G., Wurden, G., Zhang, D., Wolf, R.Confinement studies in the limiter phase of Wendelstein 7-X
I2.106Jakubowski, M.W., Ali, A., Baldzuhn, J., Biedermann, C., Blackwell, B., Bozhenkov, S., Cannas, B., Dinklage, A., Drewelow, P., Drews, P., Effenberg, F., Endler, M., Fellinger, J., Hathiramani, D., Hirsch, M., Hölbe, H., Krychowiak, M., König, R., Kocsis, G., Liang, Y., Neubauer, O., Niemann, H., Otte, M., Lazerson, S., Pisano, F., Sunn Pedersen, T., Puig Sitjes, A., Szepesi, T., Stephey, L., Schmitz, O., Wenzel, U., Wurden, G.A.Scrape-off layer physics in the initial campaign of Wendelstein 7-X
I2.107Saarelma, S., Challis, C., Garzotti, L., Romanelli, M.Integrated modelling of H-mode pedestal and confinement in JET-ILW
I2.108Kamiya, K., Itoh, K., Itoh, S.Role of electric field curvature in the formation of edge transport barrier
I2.205Raynaud, M., Héron, A., Adam, J.High intensity surface plasma waves theory and PIC simulations
I2.206Fedeli, L.Numerical simulations of nanostructured plasmas: enhanced laser-driven harmonic sources and near-critical plasmas
I2.207Poder, K., Carreira-Lopes, N., Wood, J.C., Cole, J.M., Foster, P.S., Kamperidis, C., Kononenko, O., Palmer, C., Sahai, A., Symes, D.R., Warwick, J.R., Sarri, G., Mangles, S.P., Najmudin, Z.Multi-GeV scale electron acceleration from self-guided laser wakefield accelerators with extended focussing geometry
I2.208Trines, R., Schmitz, H., Alves, P., Fiuza, F., Vieira, J., Silva, L., Bingham, R.Universal scaling laws for pulse propagation in plasma and non-linear media
I2.305Vadillo, J.M.Plasmas photons ions and femtosecond lasers: tons of fun
I2.306van Rooij, G.Electrification of chemical industry: a key role for plasma chemistry
I2.307Schroeter, S.Probing gas phase chemistry in atmospheric pressure plasma jets: experiments and simulations
I2.308Beckers, J., van de Wetering, F., Schepers, L., Platier, B., van Minderhout, B., Meijaard, P., Kroesen, G.Negatively charged species and particles in plasmas
I2.405Goedbloed, H.MHD instabilities in astrophysical plasmas: very different from MHD instabilities in tokamaks!
I2.405Perri, S.Superdiffusion of relativistic electrons at supernova remnant shocks
I2.406Ebihara, Y., Tanaka, T.Global MHD simulation study on the evolution of substorms
I2.407Moreno-Insertis, F.Solar observations and numerical models: from jets to tornados to coronal bright points
I2.408Neukirch, T., Allanson, O., Wilson, F.Collisionless current sheets: equilibria and (some) dynamics
I3.006Hinkel, D.E.Development of Improved Radiation Drive Environment for High Foot Implosions at the National Ignition Facility
I3.007Greiner, F.Imaging diagnostic of nanodusty plasma
I3.109Garofalo, A.M.Joint DIII-D/EAST research on the development of a high poloidal beta scenario for the steady state missions of ITER and CFETR
I3.110Wenninger, R.Progress in the physics understanding for a conceptual design of DEMO
I3.209Myatt, J.F., Solodov, A., Rosenberg, M., Seka, W., Short, R., Follett, R., Shaw, J., Epstein, R., Turnbull, D., Edgell, D., Regan, S., Igumenshchev, I., Goncharov, V., Michel, P., Chapman, T., Hohenberger, M., Masse, L., Ralph, J., Barrios-Garcia, M., Goyon, C., Moody, J., Bates, J.The scaling of laser-plasma instabilities in direct-drive ICF from OMEGA to ignition-scale plasmas on the National Ignition Facility
I3.210Casner, A.Discovery Science experiments at NIF: 3D Bubble dynamics for the ablative Rayleigh Taylor Instability
I3.309Andreussi, T., Giannetti, V., Leporini, A., Saravia, M.M., Andrenucci, M.Influence of the magnetic field configuration on the plasma flow in Hall-effect thrusters
I3.310Chabert, P.Modelling of ion-gridded plasma thrusters powered by radiofrequency inductive coils
I3.409Innocenti, M., Lapenta, G.Addressing the multiscale nature of the turbulent cascade in the lower-hybrid range
I3.410Dieckmann, M.E., Folini, D., Walder, R., Sarri, G., Bret, A., Ahmed, H., Romagnani, L., Borghesi, M.Electrostatic shock waves in the laboratory and astrophysics: similarities and differences
I4.008Lehnen, M.Challenges of disruption mitigation in ITER
I4.009Di Piazza, A.Opportunities in high-field classical and quantum electrodynamics using high-power lasers
I4.111Kirschner, A., Tskhakaya, D., Brezinsek, S., Borodin, D., Romazanov, J., Ding, R., Eksaeva, A., Linsmeier, C.Modelling of plasma-wall interaction and impurity transport in fusion devices and prompt deposition of tungsten as application
I4.112Gallo, A., Fedorczak, N., Maurizio, R., Theiler, C., Reimerdes, H., Tsui, C., Boedo, J., Faitsch, M., Elmore, S., Bufferand, H., Galassi, D., Valentinuzzi, M., Ciraolo, G., Ghendrih, P.Impact of plasma geometry on divertor power exhaust: experimental evidences from TCV and comparison with SolEdge2D simulations.
I4.113Snicker, A., Guidi, L., Köhn, A., Maj, O., Weber, H., Poli, E.Scattering of EC beams by turbulent density fluctuations and its impact for ITER
I4.114Gobbin, M., Mc Carthy, P., Li, L., Liu, Y., Marrelli, L., Nocente, M., Papp, G., Pautasso, G., Piovesan, P., Suttrop, W., Teschke, M., Valisa, M.Runaway electron mitigation by 3D fields in the ASDEX Upgrade experiment
I4.115Odstrčil, T., Pütterich, T., Angioni, C., Bilato, R., Gude, A., Odstrčil, M., Sertoli, M.The physics of W transport illuminated by recent progress in W density diagnostics at ASDEX Upgrade
I4.116Koechl, F., Loarte, A., de la Luna, E., Nunes, I., Parail, V., Reux, C., Rimini, F.G., Romanelli, M.W transport and accumulation control during the H-L transition of JET H-mode discharges and implications for ITER
I4.117Sharapov, S.E.The effects of electron cyclotron heating and current drive on toroidal Alfven eigenmodes in tokamak plasmas
I4.118Lazzaro, E.Physics conditions for robust control of tearing modes in a rotating tokamak plasma
I4.211Dimitriou, V., Fitilis, I., Skoulakis, A., Koundourakis, G., Clark, E., Bakarezos, E., Nikolos, I., Papadogiannis, N., Tatarakis, M.The influence of the solid to plasma phase transition on the generation of plasma instabilities
I4.212Pikuz, S.A., Neumayer, P., Rosmej, O., Antonelli, L., Bagneux, V., Boutoux, G., Debayle, A., Franz, A., Faenov, A.Y., Giuffrida, L., Hansen, S.B., Honrubia, J.J., Jacoby, J., Khaghani, D., Sakaki, T., Santos, J.J., Sauterey, A., Schoenlein, A., Skobelev, I.Y., Batani, D.Warm Dense matter studies using a wire target geometry
I4.311Schäfer, J., Sigeneger, F., Becker, M.M., Šperka, J., Foest, R.Searching for order in atmospheric pressure plasma jets
I4.312Kaneko, T., Sasaki, S., Takashima, K., Kanzaki, M., Kanetaka, H., Tachikawa, M.Gas-liquid interfacial plasmas for enhancing gene transfer into living cells
I4.313Martini, L., Gatti, N., Dilecce, G., Scotoni, M., Tosi, P.Laser induced fluorescence in nanosecond discharges for CO2 conversion
I4.411Hoshino, M.Particle acceleration in plasma universe: magnetic reconnection shock waves and accretion disks
I4.412Casse, F.Particle acceleration in astrophysical shocks: the Particle in MHD Cells approach
I4.J201Schoeffler, K.M., Loureiro, N., Silva, L.Kinetic solution for the generation of magnetic fields via the Biermann battery
I4.J202Benisti, D.Envelope equation of an electron plasma wave: Linear and nonlinear propagation in a non-uniform and non-stationary plasma
I4.J203Ruhl, H.Radiation reaction revisited
I5.010Corde, S.Overview of the latest experimental advances in electron and positron beam-driven plasma accelerators
I5.011Giacomazzo, B.General Relativistic MagnetoHydroDynamic Simulations: a Review and Status Report
I5.012Calzada, D., Melero, C., Rincon, R., Muñoz, J.Scalable graphene production from ethanol decomposition by microwave plasma torch
I5.013Maggi, C.F.Isotope effects on L-H threshold and confinement in tokamak plasmas
I5.119Morgan, T.Liquid metals for DEMO divertor applications explored using linear plasma devices
I5.120Theiler, C., Duval, B., Février, O., Harrison, J., Innocente, P., Labit, B., Lipschultz, B., Maurizio, R., Reimerdes, H., Sheikh, U., Tsui, C., Verhaegh, K., Vijvers, W.Detachment in alternative divertor geometries on TCV
I5.121Liu, F., Huijsmans, G.T., Alberto, L., Garofalo, A.M., Solomon, W.M., Nkonga, B., Hoelzl, M., Pamela, S., Becoulet, M., Orain, F.Non-linear MHD simulations of QH-mode and Type I ELMy H-mode DIII-D plasmas and implications for ITER high Q scenarios
I5.122Aiba, N., Pamela, S., Honda, M., Urano, H., Giroud, C., Delabie, E., Frassinetti, L., Lupelli, I., Hayashi, N., Huijsmans, G.Analysis of ELM stability with extended MHD models in existing and future JT-60SA tokamak experiments
I5.414Porth, O.Progress in pulsar wind nebulae models
I5.415Gremillet, L., Ruyer, C., Bonnaud, G., Riconda, C.On the physics of collisionless shocks in laser-driven plasma interactions
I5.QEOS1Bolton, P.R., Schreiber, J.Primer for the Integrated Laser-driven Ion Accelerator System
I5.QEOS2Lu, W.Probing plasma wakefield using femtosecond relativistic electron bunches
O2.101Laqua, H.P.Saw tooth like collapses by ECCD at the Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator
O2.102Kocsis, G., Alonso, A., Biedermann, C., Cseh, G., Dinklage, A., Grulke, O., Jakubowski, M., König, R., Krychowiak, M., Otte, M., Sunn Pedersen, T., Szepesi, T., Wenzel, U., Xanthopoulos, P., Zoletnik, S.Characterisation of edge filamentary structures in the 3D geometry of Wendelstein 7-X limiter plasmas
O2.103Garcia-Regana, J.M., Liu, B., Alonso, A., Hidalgo, C., Kleiber, R., Losada, U., van Milligen, B.P., Mollén, A., Ohshima, S., Takahashi, H., Wu, T.Experimental characterization and modeling of potential variations in stellarators
O2.104Sánchez, E., Alonso, J.A., Calvo, I., Velasco, J.L., Estrada, T., McCarthy, K.J., Monreal, P., Eliseev, L.G., Melnikov, A.V., Chmyga, A., Krupnik, L.I., Zhezhera, A.I., Parra, F.I., Kleiber, R.Oscillations of zonal flows in stellarators: numerical calculations and experimental observation
O2.105Schmitz, L., Yan, Z., Rhodes, T., Gohil, P., McKee, G., Zeng, L., Grierson, B., Chrystal, C., Bardoczi, L., Eldon, D., Petty, C.Towards a physics-based understanding of the L-H transition power threshold
O2.106Cavedon, M., Pütterich, T., Viezzer, E., Birkenmeier, G., Dunne, M., Dux, R., Fable, E., Happel, T., Laggner, F.M., Manz, P., Ryter, F., Stroth, U., Wolfrum, E.The role of radial electric field and neoclassical transport in the establishment and sustainment of the edge transport barrier in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak
O2.107Conway, G.D., Lechte, C., Hennequin, P., Simon, P.Investigation of turbulence properties via spectral broadening of Doppler reflectometry signals in ASDEX Upgrade
O2.108Thomas, M.B., Brookman, M., Koehn, A., Leddy, J., Vann, R.3D full wave simulations of microwave interactions with turbulence
O2.201Cantono, G., Fedeli, L., Sgattoni, A., Macchi, A., Ceccotti, T.Relativistic surface plasmons in laser-plasma interaction
O2.202Sheng, Z.Manipulation of high power lasers with plasmas
O2.203Ahmed, H., Kar, S., Hadjisolomou, P., Alejo, A., Doria, D., Braukmann, S., Hodge, T., Prasad, R., Cherchez, M., Willi, O., Borghesi, M.Guided post acceleration of high-energy protons using helical coil targets driven by sub-petawatt lasers
O2.204Obst, L., Zeil, K., Rehwald, M., Schlenvoigt, H., Brack, F., Metzkes, J., Hübl, A., Kluge, T., Branco, J., Kraft, S., Löser, M., Ziegler, T., Schramm, U., Cowan, T., Göde, S., Kazak, L., Wolter, S., Gauthier, M., Curry, C., Rödel, C., Glenzer, S.High-performance proton acceleration from a renewable cryogenic hydrogen target
O2.205Sävert, A., Schwab, M., Reuter, M., Kaluza, M.C.Pump pulse evolution and Stimulated Raman Side Scattering in a laser wake field accelerator
O2.206Amiranoff, F.Brillouin-based plasma amplification in the strong-coupling regime and role of frequency chirp and plasma density profile
O2.207Lehmann, G., Spatschek, K.Dynamic optical band gaps in transient plasma photonic crystals
O2.208Wallin, E., Gonoskov, A., Marklund, M.High intensity laser physics and braided beam emissions in underdense plasmas
O2.301Thomas, E., Lynch, B., LeBlanc, S., Hall, T., Konopka, U., Merlino, R.L., Rosenberg, M.Using charged microparticles to diagnose magnetized plasma and magnetized dusty plasmas in the MDPX device
O2.302Muñoz Espadero, J., Bravo, J., Calzada, M., Rincón, R., Melero, C., González, C.Cleaning and activation of aluminium metal using an atmospheric-pressure postdischarge
O2.303Amaral Dias, A.I., Pattyn, C., Kovacevic, E., Berndt, J., Tatarova, E., Henriques, J.Graphene synthesis and applications using plasma-based methods
O2.304Marchuk, O., Dickheuer, S., Brandt, C., Pospiesczsyk, A., Goriaev, A.In situ measurements of spectral reflectivity of metallic mirrors in low density plasmas
O2.305Chauvet, L.S., Invernizzi, L., Kone, A.S., Muja, C., Sainct, F., Caillier, B., Therese, L., Guillot, P.Comparison of an APPJ interacting with solid and liquid surfaces by filtered imaging and mass spectrometry
O2.306Ondac, P., Maslani, A., Hrabovsky, M.Measuring of plasma effective electrical conductivity in the anode area of plasma torches with an external anode
O2.307Rosch, R., Villette, B., Caillaud, T., Allouche, V., Bourgade, J., Briat, M., Brunel, P., Burillo, M., Casner, A., Chollet, C., Depierreux, S., Fariaut, J., Gontier, D., Jadaud, J., Le breton, J., Llavador, P., Loupias, B., Miquel, J., Oudot, G., Perez, S., Raimbourg, J., Reverdin, C., Rousseau, A., Rousseaux, C., Rubbelynck, C., Stemmler, P., Soullie, G., Troussel, P., Ulmer, J., Wrobel, R., Beauvais, P., Hubert, S., Pallet, M., Prevot, V.First set of X-ray diagnostics for the laser megajoule facility
O2.308Fandino, J., Bouza, M., Pisonero, J., Bordel, N.Pulsed glow discharge as elemental and molecular information source for Volatile Organic Compounds identification and determination
O2.401Marchand, R.Physical and computational aspects of satellite - environment interaction
O2.403Yu, T.High power laser-driven dense GeV electron-positron pairs generation
O2.404Sgattoni, A., Henri, P., Briand, C., Amiranoff, F., Grech, M.Full PIC simulations of beam-generated parametric instabilities and radio emissions in the solar wind
O2.405Keppens, R., Xia, C.Coronal rain and showers in the solar atmosphere
O2.407Gilmore, M., Zhang, Y., Fisher, D., Hsu, S.Laboratory observation of the stabilization of supersonic plasma jets by emergent velocity shear
O2.408Ruyer, C., Fiuza, F.Kink deformation of Weibel-mediated current filaments and onset of shock formation
O3.109Mailloux, J., Dumont, R., Aslanyan, V., Baruzzo, M., Challis, C.D., Coffey, I., Delabie, E., Eriksson, J., Ferreira, J., Fitzgerald, M., Giacomelli, L., Giroud, C., Hawkes, N., Jacquet, P., Joffrin, E., Johnson, T., King, D., Kiptily, V., Lomanowski, B., Lerche, E., Mantsinen, M., Menmuir, S., McClements, K., Moradi, S., Nocente, M., Patel, A., Patten, H., Scannell, R., Sharapov, S., Solano, E., Tsalas, M., Vallejos, P., Weisen, H.Plasma preparation for alpha-particle excitation of TAEs in JET DT plasmas
O3.110Mantsinen, M., Gallart, D., Belonohy, E., Challis, C., Czarnecka, A., Eriksson, J., Frigione, D., Graves, J., Goniche, M., Hellesen, C., Hobirk, J., Jacquet, P., Joffrin, E., King, D., Krawczyk, N., Lennholm, M., Lerche, E., Pawelec, E., Sips, G., Solano, E., Tsalas, M., Valisa, M.Optimising the use of ICRF waves in JET hybrid plasmas for high fusion yield
O3.111Kappatou, A., Angioni, C., Sips, A.C., Lerche, E., Pütterich, T., Dunne, M., Neu, R., Giroud, C., Challis, C., Hobirk, J., Kim, H., Nunes, I., Tsalas, M., Cave-Ayland, K., Valcarcel, D.F., Menmuir, S., Lebschy, A., Viezzer, E., McDermott, R.M., Potzel, S., Ryter, F., Frassinetti, L., Delabie, E., Saarelma, S., Bernert, M.The effect of helium on plasma performance at ASDEX Upgrade and JET
O3.112King, D.B.Mixed Hydrogen-Deuterium plasmas on JET ILW: H-mode confinement and isotope mixture control
O3.209Miquel, J., Volant, E.First experiments on LMJ and program overview
O3.210Kumar, D., Singh, S., Ahmed, H., Dudzak, R., Dostal, J., Chodukowski, T., Giuffrida, L., Hadjisolomou, P., Hodge, T., Juha, L., Kalinowska, Z., Krousky, E., Krus, M., Lutoslawski, P., Hřebíček, J., De Marco, M., Pfeifer, M., Skala, J., Ullschmied, J., Pisarczyk, T., Borghesi, M., Kar, S.Generation of sub-MG quasi-stationary magnetic field using cm scale capacitor-coil targets
O3.211Wang, L.Physics design for an indirect-drive decompression-and-recompression inertial-confinement fusion capsule
O3.212Holec, M., Weber, S., Falk, K., Tikhonchuk, V.Plasma Euler and Transport Equations nonlocal hydro code PETE: Simulations of high-power laser interaction with plasmas using nonlocal transport hydrodynamic model
O3.309Mulsow, M., Melzer, A.Experimental determination of phase transitions by means of configurational entropies in finite Yukawa-balls
O3.310Maguire, P., Rutherford, D., McQuaid, H., Diver, D., Mariotti, D.Low temperature plasma interactions with in-flight liquid microdroplets
O3.311Sirse, N., Oudini, N., Ellingboe, A.R.Experiments and PIC simulations to validate an improved model to analyse Langmuir probe assisted laser photodetachment for electronegative plasma diagnostics
O3.312Pattyn, C., Kovacevic, E., Lecas, T., Perrot, S., Stefanovic, I., Dias, A., Strunskus, T., Berndt, J.Investigation of nanoparticle synthesis and thin film deposition in a aniline containing RF discharge
O3.409Lapenta, G., Gonzalez-Herrero, D., Boella, E., Cazzola, E., Siddi, L., Bacchini, F.Energy Conservation in Multiscale Kinetic Modeling: semi-implicit versus implicit approaches
O3.410Valentini, F., Vasconez, C.L., Servidio, S., Malara, F., Pucci, F.From large-amplitude kinetic Alfvén fluctuations to kinetic turbulence at proton scales
O3.411Bott, A., Chen, L., Rigby, A., Tzeferacos, P., Bell, A.R., Bingham, R., Churazov, E.M., Fiuza, F., Forest, C., Foster, J., Katz, J., Koenig, M., Li, C., Séguin, F., Meinecke, J., Park, H., White, T.G., Reville, B., Miniati, F., Froula, D.H., Schekochihin, A.A., Lamb, D.Q., Gregori, G.Experimental demonstration of turbulent magnetic field amplification on OMEGA
O3.412Hicks, N., Bowman, A.Plasma response to a variable electric multipole configuration
O4.113Faitsch, M., Sieglin, B., Eich, T., Herrmann, A., Suttrop, W.Impact of magnetic perturbations on the divertor heat load in L- and H-Mode at ASDEX Upgrade
O4.114Olsen, J.M., Nielsen, A.H., Madsen, J., Rasmussen, J.J., Naulin, V., Eich, T., Komm, M., Dvornova, A.Scrape-off layer power fall-off lengths from turbulence simulations
O4.115Carralero, D., Artene, S.A., Birkenmeier, G., Faitsch, M., Manz, P., de Marne, P., Sieglin, B., Stroth, U., Wischmeier, M., Wolfrum, E.A quantitative description of thermal transport in the SOL of ASDEX Upgrade
O4.116Waters, I., Silburn, S., Frerichs, H., Harrison, J., Kirk, A., Schmitz, O.Investigating Field Aligned Scrape-Off-Layer Flow Structures at MAST with the EMC3-EIRENE Code
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