Vol. 40A
ISBN: 2-914771-99-1

43rd EPS Conference on Plasma Physics
4 - 8 July 2016

Leuven, Belgium

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O2.101Pace, D.C., Heidbrink, W., Pinsker, R., Van Zeeland, M., Zhu, Y.Ion Cyclotron Emission in the Presence of Beam Ion Losses
O2.104Tala, T., Chrystal, C., McDermott, R., Pehkonen, S., Salmi, A., Angioni, C., Barnes, M., Duval, B., Giroud, C., Grierson, B., Guttenfelder, W., Ferreira, J., Hillesheim, J., Kaye, S., Mantica, P., Maslov, M., Menmuir, S., Parra, F., Petty, C., Putterich, T., Rice, J., Ryter, F., Solomon, W., Tardini, G., Tsalas, M., Weisen, H., Yoshida, M.Multi-Machine Experiments to Study the Parametric Dependences of Momentum Transport and Intrinsic Torque
O2.105Otte, M.Magnetic Flux Surface Measurements at Wendelstein 7-X
O2.106Bozhenkov, S., Fuchert, G., Niemann, H., Beurskens, M., Feng, Y., Ford, O., Geiger, J., Hirsch, M., Hoefel, U., Jakubowski, M., Knauer, J., Kornejew, P., Langenberg, A., Laqua, H., Maassberg, H., Marushchenko, N., Moseev, D., Pablant, N., Pasch, E., Rahbarnia, K., Stange, T., Svensson, J., Trimino Mora, H., Valson, P., Wurden, G., Zhang, D., Wolf, R.Power Balance Analysis of Wendelstein 7-X Plasmas Using Profile Diagnostics
O2.107Dinklage, A., Alonso, A., Baldzuhn, J., Beidler, C., Biedermann, C., Blackwell, B., Bozhenkov, S., Brakel, R., Buttenschön, B., Feng, Y., Fuchert, G., Geiger, J., Helander, P., Hirsch, M., Hoefel, U., Knauer, J., Krämer-Flecken, A., Langenberg, A., Laqua, H., Landremann, M., Maaßberg, H., Pablant, N.A., Pasch, E., Rahbarnia, K., Rudischhauser, L., Stange, T., Stephey, L., Trimino-Mora, H., Turkin, Y., Velasco, J., Wurden, G., Zhang, D., Andreeva, T., Beurskens, M., Blanco, E., Bosch, H., Burhenn, R., Cappa, A., Czarnecka, A., Dostal, M., Drews, P., Endler, M., Estrada, T., Fornal, T., Grulke, O., Hartmann, D., Harris, J.H., Jakubowski, M., Klinger, T., Klose, S., Kocsis, G., König, R., Kornejew, P., Krawczyk, N., Krychowiak, M., Kubkowska, M., Ksiazek, I., Lazerson, S., Liang, Y., Liu, S., Marchuk, O., Marsen, S., Marushchenko, N., Moncada, V., Moseev, D., Naujoks, D., Niemann, H., Otte, M., Pedersen, T.S., Pisano, F., Risse, K., Rummel, T., Schmitz, O., Satake, S., Smith, H., Schröder, T., Szepesi, T., Thomsen, H., Traverso, P., Tsuchiya, H., Valson, P., Wang, N., Wauters, T., Weir, G., Wolf, R., Yokoyama, M.Core Confinement in Wendelstein 7-X Limiter Plasmas
O2.204Žáková, M., Pšikal, J., Margarone, D., Korn, G.Decreasing divergence and enhancing particle number of laser-driven ion beams by various target designs and laser parameters
O2.301Kossyi, I.A., Batanov, G., Berezhetskaya, N., Davydov, A., Sarksyan, K., Kharchev, N.Physical basis and topical applications of a new type gas discharge excited by powerful pulse microwave beams in the high-pressure gases
O2.302Benrabbah, R., Nizio, M., Cavadias, S., Tatoulian, M., Galvez, M., Da Costa, P.Plasma-catalytic hybrid process for CO2 methanation
O2.304Martín Ortega, Á., Lacoste, A., Béchu, S., Bès, A., Minea, T.Modeling and characterization of a high-power X-ray gas absorber
O2.402Embreus, O., Stahl, A., Fülöp, T.Effect of bremsstrahlung emission on fast electrons in plasmas
O2.J302Carruth, C.Strong Drive Regime Studies to Improve Antihydrogen Production at the ALPHA experiment at CERN
O2.J303Zammit, M.C., Fursa, D.V., Savage, J.S., Bray, I.Molecular collision data for hydrogen plasmas
O2.J304Raymond, X., Versteegen, M., Gobet, F., Hannachi, F., Tarisien, M.Electron source from a laser plasma expanding in an electric field
O3.109Turnbull, A.D., Hanson, J., Turco, F., Ferraro, N., Lanctot, M., Lao, L., Strait, E., Piovesan, P., Martin, P.The external kink mode and the role of q95 in diverted tokamaks
O3.110Bock, A., Fable, E., Fischer, R., Reich, M., Rittich, D., Stober, J., Bernert, M., Burckhart, A., Dunne, M., Geiger, B., Giannone, L., Kappatou, A., Maj, O., McDermott, R., Mlynek, A., Poli, E., Tardini, G., Zohm, H.Non-inductive improved H-mode operation in ASDEX Upgrade
O3.406Goedbloed, H.The Spectral Web: A new theory of the stability of stationary plasma flows
O4.111Breizman, B., Aleynikov, P.Production and damping of runaway electrons in a tokamak
O4.112Zeng, L.Experimental observation of two threshold fields for runaway-electron generation in the EAST tokamak
O4.113Garzotti, L., Militello Asp, E., da Silva Aresta Belo, P., Corrigan, G., Harting, D., Koechl, F., Loarte, A., Parail, V., Ambrosino, R., Cavinato, M., Mattei, M., Romanelli, M., Sartori, R., Valovic, M.Integrated modelling of fuelling and density control in ITER
O4.114Wynn, A.P.Scrape-off layer density shoulder formation & evolution in JET
O4.115Jaervinen, A.E., Allen, S.L., Groth, M., McLean, A.G., Rognlien, T.D., Samuell, C.M., Briesemeister, A., Fenstermacher, M., Hill, D.N., Leonard, A.W., Porter, G.D.Investigations of the impact of cross-field drifts on divertor detachment in DIII-D with UEDGE
O4.116Thrysøe, A.S., Madsen, J., Naulin, V., Nielsen, A.H., Rasmussen, J.J.Simulation of neutrals in a turbulent scrape-off layer
O4.117Stefanikova, E., Frassinetti, L., Saarelma, S., Loarte, A., Nunes, I., Lomas, P., Rimini, F., Drewelow, P., Garzotti, L., Kruezi, U., Lomanowski, B., de la Luna, E., Meneses, L., Peterka, M., Viola, B.Effect of the relative shift between the electron density and temperature pedestal position on the pedestal stability in JET-ILW
O4.118Buller, S., Pusztai, I., Landreman, M.Neoclassical transport with non-trace impurities in density pedestals
O4.119Laggner, F.M., Wolfrum, E., Mink, F., Cavedon, M., Dunne, M.G., Manz, P., Birkenmeier, G., Fischer, R., Maraschek, M., Viezzer, E., Willensdorfer, M., Aumayr, F.Inter-ELM pedestal evolution: High frequency magnetic fluctuations correlated with the clamping of the pressure gradient
O4.120Lunniss, A.E., Wilson, H.R., Snyder, P.B., Osborne, T.H., Groebner, R.J., Burrell, K.H., Chen, X.Enhancements to the ELITE code and application to QH-mode in DIII-D
O4.121Urano, H.Characterization of electron density based on operational parameters in JET H-mode plasmas with C and ILW
O4.122Shaing, K., Sabbagh, S.A.Transport theory with effects of finite banana width in tokamaks with broken symmetr
O4.123Jachmich, S., Drewelow, P., Kruezi, U., Lehnen, M., Riccardo, V.Disruption mitigation at JET using massive gas injection
O4.124Pustovitov, V.D.Flux conservation and inductive effects in the disruption modelling
O4.133Bianchetti Morales, R., Hacquin, S., Heuraux, S., Sabot, R.Density profile reconstruction methods for X-mode reflectometry
O4.134Rittich, D., Hopf, C., Geiger, B., Bock, A., Burckhart, A., Mlynek, A., Rapson, C., Ryter, F., Stober, J., Reich, M., Willensdorfer, M.Towards a better understanding of Neutral Beam Current Drive and steady state Operation
O4.135Schneider, P.A., Bustos, A., Hennequin, P., Bernert, M., Cavedon, M., Dunne, M., Happel, T., Görler, T., Kurzan, B., McDermott, R.M., Morel, P., Ryter, F., Willensdorfer, M.Isotope effect on confinement unraveled for L-mode in dimensionless rhostar-scan
O4.136Faustin, J., Graves, J., Cooper, W.A., Pfefferlé, D., Geiger, J.Modelling of ICRF fast ion generation in 2D and 3D plasma configurations.
O4.409Ripperda, B.Particle acceleration during explosive reconnection due to tilt instabilities
O4.411Steinbusch, B., Gibbon, P., Sydora, R.D.Mesh-free simulations of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in the kinetic regime
O5.125Futatani, S.Non-linear MHD Simulations of Pellet Triggered ELMs in JET and ASDEX Upgrade tokamaks
O5.127Coulette, D.Kinetic modeling and numerical simulation of plasma-wall interactions in magnetic fusion devices
O5.128Imada, K., Connor, J.W., Wilson, H.R.Finite banana width effect on NTM threshold physics
O5.129DInca, R., Kostic, A., Noterdaeme, J., Usoltseva, M., Jacquot, J., Ochoukov, R., Crombe, K., Nikiforov, A.Characterization of the RF plasma in ISHTAR
O5.130Ricci, D., Farina, D., Granucci, G., Cavinato, M.Operational parameters for EC assisted start-up in ITER
O5.131Varje, J., Järvinen, A., Koskela, T., Kurki-Suonio, T., Santala, M., Äkäslompolo, S.Simulation of neutral particle fluxes from fast ions in the JET tokamak
O5.132Sarazin, Y.Evidence of synergy between neoclassical and turbulent impurity transports
O5.J305Fujisawa, A.Tomography as a diagnostic tool for plasma turbulence
O5.J307Gonzalez-Herrero, D.Study of the Z-scaling of the 3s-3p line in strongly coupled plasmas through computer simulations
P1.001van Milligen, B.P., Estrada, T., Carreras, B.A., Ascasíbar, E., Hidalgo, C., Pastor, I., Fontdecaba, J.M.The causal impact of magnetic fluctuations in slow and fast L–H transitions at TJ-II
P1.003Lopez-Miranda, B., Baciero, A., Zurro, B., Ochando, M.A., Medina, F., Pastor, I.Investigation of Zeff profiles from visible bremsstrahlung in TJ-II plasma scenarios and its correlation with impurity transport behavior deduced by laser blow-off
P1.004Zurro, B., Hollmann, E., Baciero, A., Ochando, M.A., Dux, R., McCarthy, K.J., Medina, F., Lopez-Miranda, B., Pastor, I., Lopez-Bruna, D.Transport analysis of different charge/mass impurities injected by laser blow-off in ECRH heated plasmas of TJ-II
P1.005McCarthy, K.J., Tamura, N., Velasco, J., Panadero, N., García-Cortes, I., Tribaldos, V., Blanco, E., Fontdecaba, J., Hernández Sánchez, J., Medina, F., Pawelec, E.Electron temperature evolution in the plasma core of the TJ-II stellarator during and after cryogenic and TESPEL pellet injection
P1.006Martínez Fuentes, M.A., Zurro, B., Baciero, A., Jimenez-Rey, D., Tribaldos, V.The study of fast ion losses in TJ-II in the 100’s MHz ranges with a luminescence probe with upgraded counting and energy discrimination capabilities
P1.007Losada Rodríguez, U., Carreras, B., van Milligen, B., Alonso, A., Sánchez, E., Liu, B., Cheng, J., García Gonzalo, L., Silva, C., Hidalgo Vera, C.Experimental study of the relation between neoclassical and turbulence mechanisms in stellarators
P1.008Panadero Alvarez, N., McCarthy, K., de la Cal Heusch, E., Hernandez Sanchez, J., Garcia Gomez, R., Navarro, M.Observation of Cryogenic Hydrogen Pellet Ablation with a Fast-frame Camera System in the TJ II Stellarator
P1.009Calvo, I., Parra, F.I., Velasco, J., Alonso, J.Influence of tangential drifts on neoclassical transport in optimized stellarators
P1.011Sun, B., Ochando, M.A., López-Bruna, D.Acoustic-like modes driven by fast electrons in TJ-II ECR plasmas
P1.012Garcia, L., Ochando, M.A., Carreras, B.A., Carralero, D., Hidalgo, C., van Milligen, B.P.Effect of fast electrons on the stability of resistive interchange modes
P1.014Vanovac, B., Classen, I., Denk, S.S., Wolfrum, E., Hoelzl, M., Lessig, A., Orain, F., Luhmann, N.ELM filaments on ASDEX Upgrade: ECEI observations and modelling
P1.016Fischer, R., Bock, A., Burckhart, A., Dunne, M., Ford, O., Fuchs, C., Giannone, L., Gude, A., Igochine, V., Lebschy, A., Maraschek, M., McCarthy, P., Mlynek, A., Snicker, A., Stober, J., Tardini, G., Weiland, M., Willensdorfer, M.Upgraded equilibrium reconstruction by coupling of an extended set of measurements with current diffusion modelling at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.017Orain, F., Lessig, A., Hoelzl, M., Viezzer, E., Dunne, M., Becoulet, M., Cahyna, P., Huijsmans, G., Willensdorfer, M., Suttrop, W., Kirk, A., Pamela, S., Guenter, S., Lackner, K., Strumberger, E., Taray, D.Non-linear modeling of the Edge Localized Modes and their control by Resonant Magnetic Perturbations in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.018Guimarais, L., Potzel, S., Silva, C., Reimold, F., Bernert, M., Carralero, D., Conway, G.D., Manso, M.E., Nikolaeva, V., Santos, J., Silva, A., Wolfrum, E.Poloidal asymmetries in the edge density profiles on ASDEX-Upgrade
P1.020Igochine, V., Classen, I., Günter, S., Gude, A., Lackner, K., Maraschek, M., McDermott, R., Sertoli, M., Vezinet, D., Willensdorfer, M., Yu, Q., Zohm, H.NTM seeding by strong internal events at different 𝜷𝑵 in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.021Lang, P.T., Maingi, R., Mansfield, D., McDermott, R., Neu, R.L., Wolfrum, E., Arredondo Parra, R., Bernert, M., Birkenmeier, G., Diallo, A., Dunne, M., Fable, E., Fischer, R., Geiger, B., Hakola, A., Kocsis, G., Laggner, F., Oberkofler, M., Ploeckl, B., Sieglin, B.Impact of Lithium pellets on the plasma performance in the all-metal-wall tokamak ASDEX Upgrade
P1.022Mink, F.Characterization of inter-ELM magnetic oscillations on ASDEX Upgrade
P1.023Réfy, D., Solano, E., Vianello, N., Zoletnik, S., Dunai, D., Tál, B., Brix, M., Gomes, R., Birkenmeier, G., Wolfrum, E., Laggner, F., Delabie, E.Comparative analysis of density profile and magnetic signals during the JET M-mode and ASDEX Upgrade I-phase phenomena
P1.024Freethy, S.J., Conway, G.D., Classen, I., Creely, A.J., Happel, T., Vanovac, B., White, A.E.Measurement of turbulent electron temperature fluctuations on the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak using correlated Electron Cyclotron Emission
P1.025Tardini, G., Bilato, R., Fischer, R., Snicker, A., Weiland, M.Comparative prediction of 2nd harmonic deuterium acceleration by ICRF in ASDEX Upgrade NBI heated discharges
P1.026Schubert, M., Plaum, B., Vorbrugg, S., Herrmann, A., Kasparek, W., Monaco, F., Petzold, B., Poli, E., Schütz, H., Stober, J., Wagner, D.Enhancing O-2 mode electron cyclotron heating capabilities at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.027Paccagnella, R., Maraschek, M., Zanca, P., Fietz, S., Giannone, L., Gude, A., Igochine, V., Lazaros, A., Marrelli, L., Piovesan, P., Reich, M., Suttrop, W.Entrainment of MHD modes in ASDEX Upgrade using rotating non-axisymmetric perturbation fields
P1.028Bruhn, C., McDermott, R., Dux, R., Lebschy, A., Angioni, C., Bobkov, V., Cavedon, M., Kappatou, A., Ochoukov, R., Puetterich, T., Viezzer, E.Low-Z impurity transport studies using CXRS at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.029Lebschy, A., McDermott, R.M., Angioni, C., Geiger, B., Cavedon, M., Conway, G.D., Dux, R., Fable, E., Happel, T., Kappatou, A., Medvedeva, A., Pütterich, T., Prisiazhniuk, D., Ryter, F., Stroth, U., Viezzer, E.Measurement of the ExB velocity across the LOC-SOC transition
P1.030Vicente, J.D., Carralero, D., Aguiam, D., Silva, A., Silva, C., Schneider, P., Manso, M.E., Guimarãis, L., Conway, G.Relationship between divertor collisionality and filament activity measured with reflectometry at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.032Medvedeva, A., Birkenmeier, G., Bottereau, C., Cavedon, M., Clairet, F., Conway, G.D., Hennequin, P., Heuraux, S., Molina, D., Silva, A., Stroth, U.Density profile and turbulence evolution during L-H transition studied with the Ultra-fast swept reflectometer on ASDEX Upgrade
P1.034Fuchert, G., Birkenmeier, G., Carralero, D., Manz, P., Wolfrum, E., Stroth, U.Spatiotemporal variations of blob properties in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.035Mantsinen, M., Bobkov, V., Gallart, D., Geiger, B., Johnsson, T., Meyer, H., Nocente, M., Ochoukov, R., Odstrcil, T., Perelli, E., Rassmussen, J., Schneider, P., Sharapov, S., Tardini, G., Tardocchi, M., Vallejos, P.Third harmonic ICRF heating of deuterium beam ions on ASDEX Upgrade
P1.036Prisiazhniuk, D., Krämer-Flecken, A., Conway, G., Lebschy, A., Angioni, C., Happel, T., Stroth, U., Manz, P.Characterization of the turbulence during LOC-SOC transition using Poloidal Correlation Reflectometry at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.037Erofeev, I., Fable, E., Angioni, C., Lang, P., McDermott, R.Validation of the TGLF model against Ohmic confinement transition and impurity transport experiment in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.039Yu, Q., Günter, S., Lackner, K.Numerical study on triggering of neoclassical tearing modes by sawteeth
P1.040Hindenlang, F.J.A Parallel 3D Discontinuous Galerkin Framework for Nonlinear Resistive MHD Simulations in Tokamak and Stellarator Geometries
P1.041Stegmeir, A., Coster, D., Ross, A., Maj, O., Lackner, K.The field line map approach for simulations of edge/SOL in divertor geometry
P1.042Bergmann, A.Effect of islands and rotation on neoclassical tungsten impurity transport
P1.043Wolfrum, E., Lunt, T., Reimold, F.Influence of the first wall material on particle fuelling
P1.044Mackel, F., Haas, G., Scarabosio, A.Conceptual design studies of ionization gauges for the measurement of neutral gas density at high pressures and high magnetic fields
P1.045Bilato, R., Belmondo, V., Brambilla, M., Maj, O., Poli, E.Progress on the ICRF orbit-averaged quasilinear operator of TORIC full-wave code
P1.046Palermo, F., Biancalani, A., Angioni, C., Zonca, F., Bottino, A., Conway, G., Poli, E.A new mechanism causing strong decay of geodesic acoustic modes: combined action of phase-mixing and Landau damping
P1.048Schießl, B., Birkenmeier, G., Nielsen, A.H., Løiten, M., Thrysøe, A., Naulin, V., Stroth, U.Development of a synthetic lithium beam diagnostic for the HESEL turbulence code and application to blob transport
P1.049Turnyanskiy, M.Preparation of exploitation of medium-size tokamaks under European roadmap for the realization of fusion energy
P1.050Coelho, R., Faugeras, B., Zwingmann, W., McCarthy, P., Giovannozzi, E., Suchkov, E., Zaitsev, F., Hawkes, N., Dunne, M., Lupelli, I., Szepesi, G.Integrated equilibrium reconstruction and MHD stability analysis of tokamak plasmas in the EU-IM platform
P1.051Albert, C.G., Heyn, M.F., Kapper, G., Kasilov, S.V., Kernbichler, W., Martitsch, A.F.Hamiltonian approach for evaluation of toroidal torque from finite amplitude non-axisymmetric perturbations of a tokamak magnetic field in resonant transport regimes
P1.052Pinzon Acosta, J., Happel, T., Hennequin, P., Blanco, E., Estrada, T., Stroth, U.O- and X-mode radial correlation Doppler reflectometry in 2D full wave simulations and experiments
P1.054Sytova, E., Senichenkov, I., Kaveeva, E., Rozhansky, V., Veselova, I., Voskoboynikov, S., Coster, D.Analysis of impurity momentum balance and flows in the SOL by SOLPS-ITER modelling
P1.055Odstrčil, T., Pütterich, T., Bilato, R., Weiland, M., Gude, A., Mazon, D.Investigation of the fast particle velocity space by diagnosing poloidal asymmetries of heavy ions at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.056Sanchís Sánchez, L., Garcia-Munoz, M., Snicker, A., Galdon, J., Rodriguez-Ramos, M., Nocente, M., Viezzer, E., Ayllon-Guerola, J., Garcia-Lopez, J., Rivero, J., Gonzalez, J., Dominguez, A.3D orbit simulations of the fast-ion transport induced by externally applied magnetic perturbations with different poloidal spectra
P1.057Ryan, D.A., Liu, Y., Kirk, A., Dunne, M., Li, L., Dudson, B., Piovesan, P., Suttrop, W., Willensdorfer, M.Parametrisation of optimal RMP coil phase on ASDEX Upgrade
P1.059Meshcheriakov, D., Igochine, V., Fietz, S., Hoelzl, M., Orain, F., Guenter, S., Lackner, K.Numerical study of tearing mode seeding by externally provided perturbation of resonant surface
P1.061Giannone, L., Geiger, B., Bilato, R., Maraschek, M., Odstrcˇil, T., Fischer, R., Fuchs, C., McCarthy, P., Mertens, V., Schuhbeck, K.Real-time diamagnetic flux measurements on ASDEX Upgrade
P1.062Kurskiev, G., Shchegolev, P., Bakharev, N., Iblyaminova, A., Avdeeva, G., Gusev, V., Kiselev, E., Minaev, V., Mukhin, E., Patrov, M., Petrov, Y., Sakharov, N., Telnova, A., Tolstyakov, S.Thermal energy confinement study in the Globus-M spherical tokamak
P1.063Ibliaminova, A., Alekseyev, A., Aruev, P., Bakharev, N., Bazhenov, A., Gusev, V., Kurskiev, G., Bazhenov, A., Petrov, Y., Sakharov, N., Shchegolev, P., Tolstyakov, S., Zabrodsky, V.Multichannel SPD system for radiated power study on the Globus-M tokamak
P1.064Avdeeva, G.Study of ion heat transport in NBI experiments on the Globus-M spherical tokamak
P1.065Shchegolev, P.B.NBI for heating and current drive in spherical tokamak Globus-M, -M2
P1.068Shoucri, M.A Vlasov code simulation of the amplification of seed pulses by Brillouin backscattering in magnetized plasmas
P1.069Vidal, F., Shoucri, M., Matte, J.A Vlasov code simulation of the formation and evolution of a double layer during the ion acceleration driven by a high-intensity laser beam
P1.078Horný, V., Petržílka, V., Klimo, O., Krůs, M.Electron acceleration in perpendicularly crossed laser beams with following injection in the laser wakefield accelerator
P1.079Bohacek, K.Generation of laser-driven femtosecond electron beams for secondary photon sources with 7 TW Ti-sapphire laser system at PALS
P1.082Smid, M.LWFA low-energy electron beams
P1.083Krasa, J.Magnetic field induced by laser-driven target current
P1.084Kadlecova, H., Klimo, O., Weber, S., Korn, G.Gravitational waves generated by laser--plasma interaction
P1.085Jirka, M., Klimo, O., Weber, S., Bulanov, S.V., Esirkepov, T.Z., Gelfer, E.G., Bulanov, S.S., Korn, G.Particle dynamics and radiation in an ultra-intense standing wave
P1.089Moradi, S., Anderson, J.Phase dependent advection-diffusion in drift wave-zonal flow turbulence
P1.090Keppens, R., Xia, C., Fang, X., Moschou, S.P.Solar prominence modeling: 3D modeling progress
P1.091Moschou, S.P., Pierrard, V., Keppens, R., Pomoell, J.MHD and kinetic aspects in solar wind modeling
P1.092Mei, Z., Keppens, R.Simulating kink instabilities of solar magnetic fluxropes
P1.093Leroy, M.H., Keppens, R.Hall-MHD simulations of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability at the magnetopause: reconnection and transport of the northward solar-wind
P1.094Cazzola, E., Innocenti, M., Goldman, M.V., Newman, D.L., Markidis, S., Lapenta, G.Electrons dynamics in asymmetric magnetic reconnection and rapid island coalescence: anisotropy and agyrotropy with and without a guide field
P1.096Bacchini, F., Olshevsky, V., Lapenta, G.An innovative, particle-supported Lagrangian method for MHD plasma simulations
P1.098Makwana, K., Keppens, R., Lapenta, G.Coupling of the MPI-AMRVAC MHD code with the iPIC3D kinetic code
P1.103Lazar, M., Poedts, S., Fichtner, H., Pierrard, V., Yoon, P.Suprathermal Kappa populations in the solar wind: from observational evidences to realistic modelling
P1.104Shaaban, S., Lazar, M., Poedts, S., Elhanbaly, A.Kinetic instabilities of the suprathermal populations in the solar wind
P1.107Maneva, Y., Poedts, S.Anisotropic evolution of highly-oblique Alfvén waves in the presence of hot drifting ions
P1.108Zhao, X., Xia, C., Keppens, R., Gan, W.2.5D MHD simulation of flux rope formation and eruption driven by converging motion
P1.109Curreli, D., Cazzola, E., Lapenta, G.Low-beta Magnetic Reconnection under Laboratory Plasma Conditions
P1.111Shalashov, A., Golubev, S., Gospodchikov, E., Abramov, I.Microwave discharge with multiply charged ions in expanding gas jet as a point source of UV radiation
P1.113Bogatyreva, N., Bartlova, M., Aubrecht, V.Absorption properties of argon arc plasma
P1.118Yu, J., He, L.Experimental investigation on the air plasma ignition in kerosene-air mixture
P1.119Kutuzov, D.S., Moskalenko, I.V., Molodtsov, N.A., Shcheglov, D.A., Zhil’tsov, V.A., Bragin, E.Y., Yanchenkov, S.V.Laser spectroscopy for investigation of argon plasma on PS-1 device
P2.001Shabbir, A.Analysis of the energy losses and waiting times for individual ELMs in the Joint European Torus
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