Vol. 38F
ISBN 2-914771-90-8

41st EPS Conference on Plasma Physics
23 - 27 June 2014

Berlin, Germany

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O2.101Pace, D.C., Van Zeeland, M.A., Heidbrink, W.W., Austin, M.E., McKee, G.R., Spong, D.A., Strait, E.J., Yan, Z., Zhu, Y.Beam ion losses due to fast frequency chirping instabilities in DIII-D
O2.102Shaing, K., Hsu, C.Transport theory for energetic alpha particles in tokamaks with broken symmetry
O2.103Tardini, G., Bilato, R., Weiland, M.Detection of 2nd harmonic deuterium acceleration by ICRF in ASDEX Upgrade NBI heated discharges via neutron spectrometry
O2.104Wan, B.Development of fully noninductive scenario at high bootstrap current fraction for steady state tokamak operation on EAST
O2.105Schmitz, L., Grierson, B.A., Zeng, L., Rhodes, T.L., Boedo, J.A., Eldon, D., Chrystal, C., McKee, G.R., Yan, Z., Peebles, W.A., Tynan, G.R., Diamond, P.H., Groebner, R.J., Burrell, K.H., Doyle, E.J., Wang, G.First direct evidence of turbulence-driven main ion flow triggering the L-H transition
O2.106Krasheninnikov, S., Guterl, J., Smirnov, R., Marenkov, E., Pisarev, A.On plasma-material interaction in magnetic fusion devices
O2.107Chôné, L.L-H transition dynamics in plasma edge turbulence simulations
O2.110Shimada, M., Zhou, H., Hirooka, Y.Actively circulated liquid metal divertor (ACLMD)
O2.111Gurchenko, A., Gusakov, E., Niskala, P., Altukhov, A., Esipov, L., Kouprienko, D., Kantor, M., Lashkul, S., Leerink, S., Perevalov, A.GAMs interaction with turbulence of different spatial scales in the FT-2 tokamak
O2.112Soukhanovskii, V.A., Allen, S.L., Fenstermacher, M.E., Hill, D.N., Lasnier, C.J., Makowski, M.A., McLean, A.G., Meyer, W.H., Kolemen, E., Groebner, R.J., Hyatt, A.W., Leonard, A.W., Osborne, T.H., Petrie, T.W.Radiative snowflake divertor studies in DIII-D
O2.201Abicht, F., Andreev, A., Braenzel, J., Koschitzki, C., Platonov, K., Priebe, G., Schnuerer, M.Tracing ultrafast field dynamics in laser-ion-acceleration
O2.204Stockem, A., Grismayer, T., Fiuza, F., Bret, A., Fonseca, R.A., Silva, L.O.Collisionless shocks driven by intense lasers: ion beams and the transition to electromagnetic shocks
O2.205Li, H.Time-resolved implosion asymmetry in indirect-drive inertial confinement fusion on the Shenguang III prototype laser facility
O2.206Rosen, M.D., Scott, H., Callahan, D.A., Hinkel, D.E., Amendt, P., Hopkins, L.B.Efforts at improving modeling and understanding of plasma conditions and capsule drive in ignition scale hohlraums
O2.207Peigney, B.Fokker Planck modeling of suprathermal particles in a fusion plasma
O2.208Renner, O., Smid, M., Antonelli, L., Batani, D.Suprathermal electron production at shock-ignition-relevant conditions characterized by combined methods of x-ray imaging and spectroscopy
O2.302Curreli, D.Plasma Boundary Effects at the Material Wall in Oblique Magnetic Fields
O2.303Nilsson, E.Kinetic modelling of runaway electron avalanches in tokamak plasmas
O2.304Perepelkina, A.Y.3D3V plasma kinetics code DiamondPIC for modeling of substantially multiscale processes on heterogenous computers
O2.401Perrone, D., Servidio, S., Valentini, F., Osman, K., Alexandrova, O., Califano, F., Matthaeus, W.H., Veltri, P.Investigation of kinetic effects in turbulence using Vlasov simulations
O2.402Takamoto, M., Kirk, J.Magnetic Reconnection in Poynting-Dominated Plasma and the Effect of Turbulence
O2.403Innocenti, M., Beck, A., Ponweiser, T., Markidis, S., Lapenta, G.Particle in Cell realistic mass ratio simulations of magnetic reconnection with the semi-implicit adaptive Multi Level Multi Domain method
O2.407Galtier, S., Meyrand, R.Weak oblique whistler / kinetic Alfven wave turbulence
O3.113Liang, Y.A new method of ELM control using lower hybrid waves on EAST
O3.114Lang, P.T., Meyer, H., Birkenmeier, G., Burckhart, A., Cavalho, I., Delabie, E., Frassinetti, L., Huijsmans, G., Kocsis, G., Loarte, A., Maggi, C., Plöckl, B., Rimini, F., Ryter, F., Saarelma, S., Szepesi, T., Wolfrum, E.ELM control at the L-H transition achieved by pellet pacing in the all-metal wall tokamaks ASDEX Upgrade and JET
O3.115Lechte, C., Conway, G.D., Görler, T., Tröster, C.Doppler reflectometry simulations for ASDEX Upgrade
O3.116Peterson, B., Mukai, K., Pandya, S., Sano, R., Kobayashi, M., Masuzaki, S., Morisaki, T., Morita, S., Goto, M., Miyazawa, J., Tanaka, H., Akiyama, T., Motojima, G., Ohno, N.Imaging of radiation during impurity gas puffing in LHD
O3.210Blackburn, T.G., Ridgers, C.P., Kirk, J.G., Bell, A.R.Quantum radiation reaction in laser--electron-beam collisions
O3.307Couedel, L.Synchronisation of particle motion induced by mode coupling in a two-dimensional plasma crystal
O3.411Hawker, N., Anderson, P., Betney, M., Tully, B., Roy, R., Ventikos, Y.Plasma confinement via shock-driven cavity collapse
O4.117Igochine, V., Gude, A., Günter, S., Lackner, K., Yu, Q., Barrera Orte, L., Bogomolov, A., Classen, I., McDermott, R.M., C.Luhmann, Jr., N.Slow conversion of the ideal MHD perturbations into a tearing mode after a sawtooth crash
O4.119Alexandre, P., Agullo, O., Muraglia, M., Benkadda, S., Dubuit, N., Garbet, X., Sen, A.Generation of NTM seed islands by edge turbulence
O4.120Aho-Mantila, L., Coster, D.P., Wischmeier, M.On the role of drifts in the divertor power load distribution in ASDEX Upgrade
O4.121Newton, S.L., Fülöp, T.Alfvénic instabilities excited by runaways
O4.122Chouli, B.Investigations on LHCD induced plasma rotation in Tore Supra
O4.123Zeng, L., Koslowski, H., Liang, Y., Lvovskiy, A., Lehnen, M., Bozhenkov, S., Chen, Z., Dong, Y., Zhang, Y., Gao, X., Denner, P., Pearson, J., Rack, M.Experimental observation of magnetic turbulence causing runaway electron losses during tokamak disruptions
O4.125Joffrin, E.H.Role of neutrals on the confinement of hybrid scenario in JET-C and JET-ILW
O4.127Mailloux, J., Beurskens, M., Chapman, I., Nunes, I., Barry, A., Baruzzo, M., Belo, P.S., Belohony, E., Bernardo, J., Buratti, P., Challis, C.D., de la Luna, E., Frassinetti, L., Garcia, J., Giroud, C., Hawes, N., Hobirk, J., Joffrin, E., Keeling, D., Lennholm, M., Lomas, P., Luce, T., Mantica, P., Marchetto, C., Maslov, M., Pucella, G., Saarelma, S., Sharapov, S., Solano, E., Sozzi, C., Tsalas, M., Szepesi, G.Effect of 'baseline' and 'hybrid' operational parameters on plasma confinement and stability in JET with a Be/W ITER-Like Wall
O4.129Goniche, M., Lerche, E., Jacquet, P., van Eester, D., Bobkov, V., Brezinsek, S., Colas, L., Czarneka, A., Drewelow, P., Dumont, R., Fedorczak, N., Giroud, C., Graham, M., Graves, J., Monakhov, I., Monier-garbet, P., Noble, C., Pütterich, T., Rimini, F., Valisa, M.Optimization of ICRH for tungsten control in JET H-mode plasmas
O4.130Satake, S., Velasco, J., Dinklage, A., Yokoyama, M., Suzuki, Y., Beidler, C., Maasberg, H., Geiger, J., Wakasa, A., Matsuoka, S., Murakami, S., Lopez-Bruna, D., Pablant, N.Benchmark of local and non-local neoclassical transport calculations in helical configurations
O4.131Garzotti, L., Cunningham, G., Figueiredo, J., Kirk, A., Köchl, F., Motojima, G., Roach, C.M., Valovič, M., Dickinson, D., Gurl, C., Maddison, G.P., Naylor, G., Patel, A., Pégourié, B., Romanelli, M., Scannell, R., Szepesi, G., Thornton, A.J.Pellet fuelling physics studies on MAST
O4.132Bolzonella, T., Baruzzo, M., Bettini, P., Liu, Y., Marchiori, G., Matsunaga, G., Takechi, M., Villone, F.Physics and control of multiple external kink instabilities with realistic 3D boundaries: recent understandings from experiment and modelling
O4.J103Escande, D.F., Doveil, F., Elskens, Y.Direct path from N-body classical mechanics to Debye shielding, Landau damping, and wave-particle interaction
O4.J104Morozova, T., Kopnin, S., Popel, S.Modulational excitation of density perturbations in dusty ionosphere
O4.J105Ticos, C.M., Toader, D., Scurtu, A., Chereches, T., Lixandru, P.Dust removal from surfaces in a low pressure environment
O5.133de Vries, P., Pautasso, G., Nardon, E., Cahyna, P., Gerasimov, S., Lehnen, M., Huijsmans, G., Hender, T., Maraschek, M.MHD perturbation amplitudes required to trigger disruptions
O5.134La Haye, R.J., Jackson, G.L., Luce, T.C., Olofsson, K.E., Solomon, W.M., Turco, F.Insights into m/n=2/1 tearing mode stability based on initial island growth rate in DIII-D ITER baseline scenario discharges
O5.135Liu, F., Huijsmans, G., Loarte, A., Garofalo, A., Solomon, W., Snyder, P., Hoelzl, M.Nonlinear MHD simulations of QH-mode plasmas in DIII-D
O5.136Villone, F., Barbato, L., Mastrostefano, S., Portone, A., Ventre, S., Albanese, R., Rubinacci, G.ITER disruption studies including 3D volumetric blanket modules
O5.224Amorim, L.D.Positron acceleration in non-linear plasma wakefields driven by tightly focused particle bunches
O5.309Fruchtman, A., Makrinich, G.High thrust over power for electric propulsion
O5.310Oudini, N., Taccogna, F., Minelli, P., Raimbault, J., Chabert, P., Aanesland, A.Negative Ions Extraction and Acceleration
O5.311Goncharov, A.A., Dobrovosky, A.N., Litovko, I.V., Bugaev, A.N., Gushenets, V.I., Oks, E.M.Advanced Plasma Optical Devices (Status and New Developments)
O5.312Bogaczyk, M., Tschiersch, R., Wagner, H.The development of surface charges and discharge emission in barrier discharges operated in He/N2 gas mixtures
P1.001Shabbir, A., Verdoolaege, G., Kardaun, O., Webster, A., Dendy, R., Noterdaeme, J.Discrimination and visualization of ELM types based on a probabilistic description of inter-ELM waiting times
P1.002van Eester, D., Lerche, E., Jacquet, P., Bobkov, V., Czarnecka, A., Colas, L., Crombé, K., Dumont, R., Ericsson, G., Eriksson, J., Giroud, C., Goniche, M., Graham, M., Kiptily, V., Ongena, J., Pütterich, T., Rimini, F., Santala, M.Minority ion cyclotron resonance heating in H-mode in presence of the ITER-like wall in JET
P1.003Hobirk, J., Challis, C., Coffey, I., Drewelow, P., Joffrin, E., Lauro-Taroni, L., Mailloux, J., Nunes, I., Pütterich, T., de Vries, P., Buratti, P., Pucella, G.Analysis of plasma termination in the JET hybrid scenario
P1.004Maggi, C.F., Meyer, H., Bourdelle, C., Delabie, E., Drewelow, P., Carvalho, I., Rimini, F., Siren, P.Role of low-Z impurities in L-H transitions in JET
P1.005Jacobsen, A.S., Salewski, M., Eriksson, J., Ericsson, G., Korsholm, S.B., Leipold, F., Nielsen, S.K., Rasmussen, J., Pedersen, M.S.Velocity-space interrogation regions of neutron spectrometers
P1.006Solano, E.R., Autricque, A., Coffey, I., Delabie, E., de la Luna, E., Drewelow, P., Lerche, E., Frassinetti, L., Clever, M., Nunes, I., Loarer, T., Meigs, A., Rimini, F., Stamp, M., Sips, G., Svensson, J., Tamain, P.Effect of fuelling location on pedestal and ELMs in JET
P1.007Perez von Thun, C., Kiptily, V.G., Popovichev, S., Yavorskij, V., Goloborod'ko, V., Buratti, P., Baruzzo, M., Pucella, G.Fast ion losses in JET hybrid scenarios - MHD sources overview
P1.008Salmi, A., Tala, T., Bourdelle, C., Mantica, P., Meneses, L., Mordijck, S., Weisen, H., Tamain, P., Bufferand, H., Groth, M., Naulin, V., Clever, M., Svensson, J., Hillesheim, J., Maslov, M., Sirinelli, A., Tsalas, M., Wischmeier, M., Rasmussen, J., Sips, G., Maggi, C.Gas puff modulation experiments in JET L- and H-mode plasmas
P1.009Devynck, P., Maddison, G., Giroud, C., Jacquet, P., Lehnen, M., Lerche, E., Matthews, G.F., Neu, R., Stamp, M.F., Van Eester, D.Comparing the bulk radiated power efficiency in carbon and ITER-like-wall environments in JET.
P1.010Chapman, S.C.An apparent relation between ELM occurrence times and the prior phase evolution of divertor flux loop measurements in JET
P1.011Hender, T.C., Alper, B., Angioni, C., Baranov, Y., Baruzzo, M., Buratti, P., Casson, F.J., Challis, C.D., Mantica, P., Marchetto, C., Romanelli, M., Sharapov, S.Influence of MHD on impurity peaking in JET
P1.013Meyer, H., Delabie, E., Maggi, C.F., Bourdelle, C., Drewelow, P., Carvalho, I., Lang, P., Rimini, F.The role of divertor and SOL physics for access to H-mode on JET
P1.014Buratti, P., Alessi, E., Botrugno, A., Giovannozzi, E., Giroud, C., Hawkes, N., Menmuir, S., Pucella, G.Magnetic islands rotation in JET
P1.015Giovannozzi, E., Buratti, P., Pucella, G., Baruzzo, M., Gerasimov, S.Analysis of MHD signals for measuring systematic errors in the coil response
P1.016Cesario, R.Role of initial low recycling in confinement and current drive improvement in advanced tokamak (AT) and hybrid scenarios
P1.017Mantica, P., Angioni, C., Casson, F.J., Puetterich, T., Valisa, M., Baruzzo, M., da Silva Aresta Belo, P.C., Coffey, I., Drewelow, P., Giroud, C., Hawkes, N.C., Hender, T.C., Koskela, T., Lauro Taroni, L., Lerche, E., Maggi, C.F., Mlynar, J., O'Mullane, M., Puiatti, M., Reinke, M.L., Romanelli, M.Understanding and Controlling Tungsten Accumulation in JET Plasmas with the ITER-like Wall
P1.018Marchetto, C., Koskela, T., Koechl, F., Snicker, A., Weisen, H., Romanelli, M., Lauro Taroni, L., Lupelli, I.Island aware JINTRAC simulations of JET pulses with neutron deficit
P1.019Nakano, T.Determination of tungsten and molybdenum concentrations from an X-ray range spectrum in JET
P1.020Jaulmes, F., Pinches, S., Westerhof, E.Consequences of sawteeth on TAE activity in fusion plasmas
P1.021Nave, M.F.Spontaneous Rotation in JET plasmas with LHCD
P1.022Bykov, I.Structured anisotropic deposits on plasma facing surfaces of fusion devices
P1.023Eriksson, J., Binda, F., Conroy, S., Ericsson, G., Hellesen, C., Hjalmarsson, A., Lerche, E., Skiba, M., Van Eester, D., Weiszflog, M.Neutron spectrometry measurements of energetic deuterons in ICRF heated plasmas with the ITER-like wall at JET
P1.024Vega, J., Murari, A., Dormido-Canto, S., Alves, D., Farias, G., López, J., Moreno, R., Pereira, A., Ramírez, J., Rattá, G.Overview of real-time disruption prediction in JET: applicability to ITER
P1.025Schmuck, S., Svensson, J., Figini, L., Johnson, T., Fessey, J., Meneses, L., Boom, J.Electron Temperature and Density Inferred from JET ECE Diagnostics
P1.027Alegre Castro, D., Oberkofler, M., Drenik, A., Kruezi, U., Brezinsek, S., Tabares, F.L., Maddison, G., Reux, C.Gas exhaust study by RGA in JET after disruptions and impurity seeding
P1.028Alessi, E., Buratti, P., Giovannozzi, E., Pucella, G.Mode coupling in Hybrid discharges at JET
P1.029Garcia, J., Hayashi, N., Giruzzi, G., Schneider, M., Joffrin, E., Ide, S., Urano, H.Analysis of JT-60SA scenarios on the basis of JET and JT-60U discharges
P1.030Frassinetti, L., Joffrin, E., Tamain, P., Maget, P., Saarelma, S., Boom, J., Flanagan, J., Giroud, C., Delabie, E., Kampenaars, M., Lomas, P., Maggi, C., Menes, L., Nunes, I.Effect of the divertor geometry on the pedestal confinement in JET-ILW
P1.031Huber, A., Wischmeier, M., Lowry, C., Brezinsek, S., Maggi, C., Sergienko, G., Aho-Mantila, L., Arnoux, G., Esser, H., Clever, M., Lipschultz, B., Matthews, G., Mertens, P., Meigs, A., Wiesen, S.Impact of strong impurity seeding on the radiation losses in JET with ITER-like Wall
P1.032Figueiredo, A., Giroud, C., Hawkes, N., Hillesheim, J., Leyland, M., Meneses, L., Poli, E.Observation of nitrogen seeding effects on density fluctuations at the edge pedestal by radial correlation reflectometry in JET
P1.034Carbajal Gomez, L., Dendy, R., Chapman, S., Cook, J.Ion cyclotron emission and the nonlinear physics of the magnetoacoustic cyclotron instability of fusion-born ions
P1.036Zhu, H., Chapman, S.C., Dendy, R.O., Itoh, K.Period-doubling bifurcation path to chaos due to oscillating external heating rate in a zero-dimensional model in fusion plasmas
P1.038Collier, J.D., Robinson, J., McMillan, B.Preliminary results from a strong-flow gyrokinetic PIC code
P1.039Crombe, K., Jacquot, J., Louche, F., Van Eester, D.Numerical challenges in modelling near-antenna field behaviour in cold plasmas
P1.040Roberto, M., Almeida, G.C., Caldas, I.L.A Simplectic Map For Plasmas With Poloidal Divertor
P1.041Podolnik, A., Komm, M., Dejarnac, R., Panek, R., Gunn, J.P.Particle-in-cell Simulations of Flush-Mounted Probes
P1.042Monnier, A.Interaction between resonant magnetic perturbations and transport barriers
P1.045Fil, A., Nardon, E., Beyer, P., Becoulet, M., Dif-Pradalier, G., Grandgirard, V., Guirlet, R., Hoelzl, M., Huijsmans, G., Latu, G., Lehnen, M., Orain, F., Pamela, S., Reux, C., Saint-Laurent, F., Tamain, P.Modeling of disruption mitigation by massive gas injection
P1.046Madi, M., Peysson, Y., Decker, J., Kabalan, K.Y.Effect of density fluctuations in the scrape-off layer on the Lower Hybrid power spectrum
P1.048Wiesenberger, M., Madsen, J., Kendl, A.Full-F gyrodluid blob dynamics in the tokamak scrape-off-layer
P1.049Martitsch, A.F., Kasilov, S.V., Kernbichler, W., Maassberg, H.Evaluation of non-ambipolar particle fluxes driven by external non-resonant magnetic perturbations in a tokamak
P1.050Hornung, G., Hoste, S., Verdoolaege, G., Ghendrih, P., Sarazin, Y., Noterdaeme, J.A blob tracking algorithm for the study of turbulence-flow interaction
P1.051Elfimov, A.G., Smolyakov, A.I., Galvão, R.M., Sgalla, R.J.Dr
P1.053Niskala, P.E., Leerink, S., Kiviniemi, T., Korpilo, T.Studying effect of plasma parameters on geodesic acoustic modes in the TEXTOR tokamak via gyrokinetic simulations
P1.054Fuhr, G., Benkadda, S., Beyer, P., Meshcheriakov, D.Impact of the plasma beta and magnetic topology on the nature of plasma edge turbulence
P1.056Anderson, J.Effects of the Second Harmonic and Plasma Shaping on the Geodesic Acoustic Mode
P1.057Kolesnichenko, Y., Lutsenko, V., Lepiavko, B.Effects of the geodesic acoustic mode driven by energetic ions on transport and cooling of these ions
P1.058Punjabi, A., Boozer, A., Ali, H.Calculation of liapunov lengths for the simple map for divertor tokamaks
P1.059Ali, H., Punjabi, A.Effect of magnetic shear on destruction of golden magnetic surface in divertor tokamaks
P1.062Meyer, O., Kendl, A.Gyrofluid edge turbulence simulations on isotope effects
P1.063Morales, J., Bécoulet, M., Orain, F., Garbet, X., Dif-Pradalier, G., Passeron, C., Huijsmans, G.Rotation of Edge Localized Modes and their Filaments
P1.064Dendy, R., Gingell, P., Chapman, S.The role of ion kinetic Kelvin-Helmholtz and interchange instabilities in edge plasma blob formation
P1.066Henneberg, S.A., Cowley, S.C., Wilson, H.R.Explosive ballooning mode instability in tokamaks: Modelling the ELM cycle
P1.067Abdoul, P.A., Dickinson, D., Wilson, H., Roach, C.Using local gyrokinetic codes to study global ITG modes in tokamaks
P1.068Zhang, D., Dux, R., Burhenn, R., Koenig, R., Thomsen, H., Pedersen, T.S., Jenzsch, H.Feasibility assessment of bolometry as impurity transport study tool for the stellarator W7-X
P1.069Hirsch, M., Burhenm, R., Estrada, T., Hartfuss, H., Kasparek, W., Krämer-Flecken, A., Köppen, M., Kornejew, P., Lechte, C., Neuner, U., Plaum, B., Standley, B., Stange, T., Trimino-Mora, H., Windisch, T., Wagner, D., Wolf, S.Microwave and Interferometer Diagnostics for Wendelstein 7-X
P1.070Drevlak, M., Beidler, C.D., Geiger, J., Helander, P., Turkin, Y.Quasi-Isodynamic Configuration with Improved Confinement
P1.071Lacqua, H.P., Chlechowitz, E., Dostal, M., Otte, M., Stange, T.The Generation and Confinement of Relativistic Electrons at the WEGA Stellarator
P1.072Köhn, A., Holzhauer, E., Morales, R.B., Wolf, S., Ramisch, M.Microwave heating by electron Bernstein waves at the stellarator TJ-K
P1.073Lazerson, S.A., Gates, D., Neilson, H., Otte, M., Bozhenkov, S., Pedersen, T.S., Geiger, J., Lore, J.Error field and magnetic diagnostic modeling for W7-X
P1.074Langenberg, A., Thomsen, H., Burhenn, R., Marchuk, O., Svensson, J., Pedersen, T., Wolf, R.Forward modeling of a high resolution X-ray imaging crystal spectrometer for the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator
P1.075Thomsen, H., Burhenn, R., Langenberg, A., Biel, W., Marchuk, O., Bertschinger, G., Zhang, D., Buttenschön, B., Pablant, N., Książek, I.Prospects of the impurity transport diagnostics in Wendelstein 7-X stellarator
P1.076Pablant, N.A.Measurement of core plasma temperature and rotation on W7-X made available by the x-ray imaging crystal spectrometer (XICS)
P1.077Rahbarnia, K., Cardella, A., Endler, M., Hathiramani, D., Geiger, J., Grulke, O., Klinger, T., Neuner, U., Sunn Pedersen, T., Werner, A., Windisch, T.Magnetic Diagnostics for Wendelstein 7-X during the first Operation Phase
P1.079Feng, Y.Neutral transport behavior expected for the first limiter plasmas in W7-X
P1.080Bozhenkov, S., Effenberg, F., Feng, Y., Geiger, J., Hartmann, D.A., Hoelbe, H., Pedersen, T.S., Wolf, R.C.Limiter for the early operation phase of W7-X
P1.081Riemann, J., Kleiber, R., Borchardt, M.Global Simulation of Linear Instability in W7-X and LHD with EUTERPE
P1.082Proll, J.H., Faber, B.J., Xanthopoulos, P., Helander, P.Microturbulence simulations in optimised stellarators
P1.083Schmid, B., Ramisch, M., Stroth, U.Zonal flow formation in the stellarator TJ-K
P1.084Marushchenko, N.B., Beidler, C.D., Erckmann, V., Geiger, J., Laqua, H., Maassberg, H., Turkin, Y.ECRH scenarios with transition from X2 to O2 mode in W7-X Stellarator
P1.085Leonov, V.Assessment of impurity radiation for ITER reference scenarios
P1.086Turkin, Y., Geiger, J., Maaßberg, H., Beidler, C., Marushchenko, N.Transport modelling of operational scenarios in W7-X
P1.092Aliverdiev, A.A., Batani, D., Amirova, A., Benocci, R., Redaelli, R., Dezulian, R., Pfeifer, M., Skala, J., Dudzak, R.About non-uniformity smoothing using foam substrate
P1.094Cairns, R.A., Bingham, R., Trines, R., Norreys, P.Species separation produced by laminar shocks in inertial fusion targets
P1.098Jafari, M.J., Rezaei, S., Farahbod, A.H.Study of Shock Ignition via Applying Different models of Deuterium Equation of State (EOS)
P1.099Volpe, L.Controlling the fast electron divergence in a solid target with multiple laser pulses
P1.102Sakagami, H., Johzaki, T., Sunahara, A., Nagatomo, H.Target design for energetic ion assisted fast ignition
P1.103Masek, M.Laser intensity dependence of the stimulated Raman scattering in the context of inertial confinement fusion
P1.107Vallet, A., Xavier, R., Vladimir, T.Semi-analytic modeling of shock ignition
P1.109Koniges, A., Eder, D., Fisher, A., Masters, N., Barnard, J.Multi-physics plasma modeling for a range of applications on HPC platforms
P1.111Smid, M., Renner, O., Pisarczyk, T., Kalinowska, Z.X-ray spectroscopic study of effective plasma parameters in shock-ignition relevant plasmas
P1.116Ikeda, K., Nakano, H., Tsumori, K., Kisaki, M., Nagaoka, K., Osakabe, M., Takeiri, Y., Kaneko, O.Evaluation of H− behavior using a spectrally selective imaging method in hydrogen negative ion source
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P1.121Borkov, Y., Klimachev, Y., Ionin, A., Kinyaevskiy, I., Kotkov, A., Kozlov, A., Sulakshina, O.Nonlinear Zeeman splitting of nitric oxide rotational-vibrational spectral lines in strong magnetic field
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P5.088Jacquet, L.M.Measurements and NLTE modeling of mid-Z plasma emission
P5.090Alkhimova, M.A.Adjustable x-rays irradiation source based on Laser Induced Vacuum Discharge
P5.091Ivanov, I., Arzhannikov, A., Burdakov, A., Burmasov, V., Gavrilenko, D., Kasatov, A., Kandaurov, I., Kurkuchekov, V., Kuznetsov, S., Mekler, K., Popov, S., Postupaev, V., Rovenskikh, A., Sklyarov, V., Sudnikov, A., Trunev, Y., Vyacheslavov, L.Microwave generation in experiments on sub-relativistic electron beam relaxation in magnetized plasmas
P5.092Kraynov, V.Surface heating of electrons in cluster plasma irradiated by intense ultrashort laser pulses
P5.093Shoucri, M., Matte, J., Vidal, F.A Vlasov code simulation of plasma-based backward Raman amplification in underdense plasmas
P5.098Lehmann, G., Spatschek, K.Transverse dynamics of seed pulses during Raman and sc-Brillouin amplification
P5.100Glazyrin, I.Field ionization in laser pulse interaction with thin foil
P5.122Couedel, L.Optical investigations of tungsten dust particles in a DC glow discharge

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