Vol. 37D
ISBN 2-914771-84-3

40th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics
1 - 5 July 2013

Espoo, Finland

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O2.101Soukhanovskii, V.A.Snowflake Divertor Studies in DIII-D and NSTX Aimed at the Power Exhaust Solution for the Tokamak
O2.102Lang, P.T., Bernert, M., Burckhart, A., Casali, L., Fischer, R., Kardaun, O., Kocsis, G., Maraschek, M., Mlynek, A., Ploeckl, B., Reich, M., Francois, R., Schweinzer, J., Sieglin, B., Suttrop, W., Szepesi, T., Tardini, G., Wolfrum, E., Zohm, H., Team, A.Pellet as tool for high density operation and ELM control in ASDEX Upgrade
O2.103Panayotis, S.Modelling of the erosion/deposition pattern on the Tore Supra Toroidal Pumped Limiter
O2.104Raman, R., Jarboe, T.R., Jardin, S.C., Kessel, C.E., Mueller, D., Nelson, B.A., Poli, F., Gerhardt, S., Kaye, S.M., Menard, J.E., Ono, M., Soukhanovskii, V.Non-inductive Plasma Current Start-up in NSTX using Transient CHI and subsequent Non-inductive Current Ramp-up Scenario in NSTX-U
O2.105De Masi, G., Martines, E., Auriemma, F., Cavazzana, R., Momo, B., Rea, C., Spagnolo, S., Spizzo, G., Spolaore, M., Vianello, N., Zuin, M.The role of the magnetic topology in the Reversed Field Pinch edge physics
O2.106Calabro, G.H-mode and L-H threshold experiments during ITER-like plasma current ramp up/down at JET with ILW
O2.107Jakubowski, M.W., Biedermann, C., König, R., Lorenz, A., Rodatos, A., Pedersen, T.S., Pilopp, D.Development of infrared and visible endoscope as the safety diagnostic for steady-state operation of Wendelstein 7-X
O2.108Nicolas, T., Sabot, R., Garbet, X., Lutjens, H., Luciani, J., Guirlet, R., Decker, J., Sirinelli, A.Role of the sawtooth crash in the electron and impurity transport in the Tore Supra and JET tokamaks
O2.109van Milligen, B.P., Estrada, T., Hidalgo, C., Happel, T., Ascasíbar, E.Spatiotemporal and wavenumber resolved bicoherence at the L-H confinement transition in the TJ-II stellarator
O2.110Ford, O.P., Howard, J., Reich, M., Hobirk, J., Svensson, J., Wolf, R.First results from the Imaging Motional Stark Effect diagnostic on ASDEX Upgrade
O2.111Xu, M., Cheng, J., Tynan, G., Diamond, P., Dong, J., Zhao, K., Manz, P., Fedorczak, N., Hong, W., Yan, L., Yang, Q., Song, X., Shi, Z., Ding, X., Duan, X., Liu, Y.Link between turbulent eddies and shear flows and the characteristics of limit-cycle oscillation in the edge plasma of HL-2A tokamak
O2.112Yamada, I., Yasuhara, R., Funaba, H., Narihara, K., Hayashi, H., Yatsuka, E., Hatae, T., Tojo, H., Yoshikawa, M., Minami, T.Backward and forward scattering configurations in LHD Thomson scattering system
O2.113Xu, Y.Isotope effect and multi-scale physics in fusion plasmas
O2.115Tronko, N., Brizard, A.J.Exact conservation laws for truncated gyrokinetic Vlasov-Poisson equations.
O2.116Maddison, G.P., Giroud, C., Beurskens, M., Brezinsek, S., Devynck, P., Eich, T., Garzotti, L., Jachmich, S., Järvinen, A., Lowry, C., Marsen, S., McCormick, K., Meigs, A., Rimini, F., Stamp, M., Wischmeier, M.Contrasting H-mode behaviour with fuelling and nitrogen seeding in the all-carbon and metallic versions of JET
O2.303Caniello, R.Carbon deposition by micro hollow cathode plasma discharge
O2.304Simonchik, L., Usachonak, M.1D electromagnetic band gap structure formed by plasma
O2.401Stanier, A., Browning, P., Gordovskyy, M., McClements, K., Gryaznevich, M., Lukin, V.Two-fluid simulations of magnetic reconnection during merging-compression start-up in the MAST Spherical Tokamak
O3.101Ham, C.J., Saarelma, S., Chapman, I., Kirk, A.Three dimensional tokamak equilibrium and stability for MAST-like plasmas with external magnetic perturbations applied for ELM control
O3.102Kazakov, Y., Fülöp, T., Van Eester, D.Reduction in the transition concentration of helium-3 ions caused by impurities in (3He)–H plasmas heated with ICRH
O3.103Diallo, A.Direct observations of the onset of continuous edge instability limiting the pedestal growth between ELMs
O3.104Kharchev, N., Batanov, G., Belousov, V., Bondar, Y., Borzosekov, V., Grebenshchikov, S., Grishina, I., Kholnov, Y., Kolik, L., Konchekov, E., Malakhov, D., Matveev, N., Meshcheryakov, A., Petrov, A., Sarksyan, K., Skvortsova, N., Stepakhin, V., Tai, E., Vasilkov, D., Voronov, G.New gyrotron complex for plasma creating and heating in the L-2M stellarator and first experimental results
O3.105Dickinson, D., Roach, C., Casson, F., Kirk, A., Saarelma, S., Scannell, R.Microtearing modes and the pedestal
O3.106Preynas, M.Study of plasma start-up initiated by second harmonic electron cyclotron resonance heating on WEGA experiment
O3.107Thornton, A., Kirk, A., Cahyna, P., Harrison, J., Liu, Y.The effect of ELM mitigation via RMP on divertor heat loads in the Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak and the implications for ITER
O3.108Zohm, H., Barbato, E., Jenkins, I., Kemp, R., Lerche, E., Poli, E., Tardini, G., v. Eester, D.Assessment of H&CD system capabilities for DEMO
O3.203Bychenkov, V.Y., Govras, E.A.Plasma slab expansion into a vacuum: from quasineutral outflow to Coulomb explosion
O3.306Heinisch, R.L.Mie scattering by a charged dielectric particle: proposal for a novel plasma probe
O3.405Vlad, M.Effects of ion trapping on the nonlinear evolution of drift turbulence
O3.406Chapman, T., Berger, R., Cohen, B., Williams, E., Brunner, S.Vlasov simulation of the parametric instability of ion acoustic waves
O3.407Perrone, D., Valentini, F., Servidio, S., Dalena, S., Veltri, P.Ion temperature anisotropy in the turbulent solar wind: Hybrid-Vlasov simulations
O3.408Speirs, D.Generation propagation and escape of astrophysical cyclotron-maser emission
O4.101Arévalo, J., Alonso, A., McCarthy, K., Velasco, J., Landreman, M., García-Regaña, J., Ochando, M., Hidalgo, C.Compressible impurity flows in the TJ-II stellarator
O4.102Yoo, M., An, Y., Jung, B., Hwang, Y., Kim, J., Shim, S., Lee, H., Na, Y.Numerical simulations of ohmic breakdown phenomena in a tokamak
O4.103Zou, X., Zhong, W., Bourdelle, C., Song, S., Artaud, J., Aniel, T., Duan, X.Observation of the Particle Pinch Velocity Reversal with ITG/TEM Transition in the Tore Supra Tokamak
O4.104Militello, F., Naulin, V., Nielsen, A.Numerical scalings of the decay lengths in the Scrape-Off Layer
O4.105Staebler, G.M., Lao, L.L., Grierson, B.A., Chrystal, C., Kinsey, J.E.Predicting internal transport barriers with the TGLF model
O4.106Walkden, N., Dudson, B., Fishpool, G.The transition from interchange to boltzmann dynamics in a 3d sol filament
O4.107Idomura, Y.Full-f gyrokinetic simulation over a confinement time
O4.108Carralero, D., Birkenmeier, G., Müller, H., Manz, P., deMarne, P., Müller, S., Stroth, U., Wolfrum, E.Influence of resistivity on filamentary transport in the SOL of ASDEX Upgrade
O5.101Pace, D.C., Heidbrink, W.W., Van Zeeland, M.A.Energetic ion transport in tokamak plasmas dominated by microturbulence Alfvenic activity or applied magnetic perturbations
O5.102Papp, G., Fülöp, T., Fehér, T., de Vries, P., Riccardo, V., Reux, C., Lehnen, M., Kiptily, V., Pluysnin, V., Alper, B.Runaway electron behaviour with the ITER-like wall in JET
O5.103Aleynikova, K., Aleynikov, P., Konovalov, S., Zhogolev, V., Teplukhina, A.Interaction of runaway electrons with high-Z impurities
O5.104Pautasso, G.MGI in plasmas with locked modes
O5.209Sgattoni, A., Bigongiari, A., Ceccotti, T., Klimo, O., Macchi, A.Enhanced laser coupling and proton acceleration in grating targets by surface wave excitation in the relativistic regime
O5.212Krasa, J., D. Margarone, D., Klir, D., Velyhan, A., Krousky, E., Rezac, K., Kravarik, J., Jungwirth, K., Ullschmied, J.High-currents of multi-MeV protons and fusion neutrons produced by 3-TW sub-nanosecond laser beam
O5.311Tawidian, H., Lecas, T., Mikikian, M.Predictive evolution of dusty plasma instabilities
O5.411Popel, S.I., Golub', A.P., Izvekova, Y.N., Kopnin, S.I., Dolnikov, G.G., Zakharov, A.V., Zelenyi, L.M.Lunar dusty ionosphere
O5.412Stark, C.R., Helling, C., Diver, D.A., Rimmer, P.B.Alfvén Ionization in the atmospheres of Brown Dwarfs
O6.503Piip, K., Laan, M., Paris, P., Aints, M., Hakola, A., Karhunen, J., Likonen, J., Lissovski, A., Petersson, P., Rubel, M.First wall monitoring by LIBS: options and limitations
O6.504Hillesheim, J.C., Peebles, W.A., Meyer, H.F., Crocker, N.A.Doppler backscattering measurements for MAST
O6.505Melnikov, A.V., Krupnik, L.I., Hidalgo, C.Diagnostic advances in heavy ion beam probing on the T-10 tokamak and TJ-II stellarator
O6.506Pandya, S.N., Peterson, B.J., Mukai, K., Kobayashi, M., Sano, R., Drapiko, E.Plasma Radiation profiles measured with Imaging bolometers and their comparison with synthetic images from the impurity transport model for LHD
O6.507Agostini, M., Brombin, M., Dianin, C., Mattiolo, M., Pasqualotto, R., Serianni, G.Tomographic diagnostic of MITICA neutral beam: algorithm development
O6.508Baggio, J., Raffestin, D., Blanchot, N.Radiation protection issues for diagnostics on the PETAL experimental system (Petawatt) of the LMJ facility
O6.510Bonheure, G., Hult, M., Fenyvesi, A., Akaslompolo, S., Carralero, D., Degering, D., de-Vismes Ott, A., Garcia-Munoz, M., Gmeiner, B., Herrmann, A., Laubenstein, M., Lutter, G., Mueller, H., Rohde, V., Suttrop, W., Tardini, G., Mlynar, J.First escaping fast ion measurements in ITER-like geometry using an activation probe
O6.512Jacobsen, A.S., Salewski, M., Geiger, B., García-Muñoz, M., Heidbrink, W., Korsholm, S.B., Leipold, F., Madsen, J., Michelsen, P., Moseev, D., Nielsen, S.K., Rasmussen, J., Pedersen, M.S., Tardini, G.How to compute velocity-space tomographies using several fast-ion diagnostics
P1.101Lawson, K.D., Groth, M., Maggi, C.F., Barnsley, R., Belo, P., Brezinsek, S., Corrigan, G., Harting, D., Lehnen, M., Marsen, S., Meigs, A.G., Stamp, M.F., Tyrrell, S.Comparisons between EDGE2D/EIRENE simulations and D and low Z impurity spectral emission from JET ITER-like wall L-mode plasmas
P1.102Mosetto, A., Halpern, F.D., Jolliet, S., Loizu, J., Ricci, P.Turbulent regimes in the tokamak scrape-off layer
P1.104Coster, D.P., Chankin, A., Klingshirn, H., Bonnin, X., Kukushkin, A., Loarte, A.SOLPS modelling of controlled ELMs for ITER
P1.105Senichenkov, I., Kaveeva, E., Rozhansky, V., Gogoleva, A., Vekshina, E., Voskoboynikov, S., Wagner, F.Transport modeling of the Globus-M tokamak edge plasma
P1.107Ciaccio, G., Schmitz, O., Agostini, M., Puiatti, M., Scarin, P., Spizzo, G., Vianello, N., White, R.Comparison of edge islands transport in tokamaks and RFPs
P1.108Omotani, J.T., Walkden, N., Dudson, B., Fishpool, G.Non-local parallel transport in the tokamak scrape-off layer
P1.109Heikkinen, J., Korpilo, T., Pyy, T., Janhunen, S., Kiviniemi, T., Leerink, S.Gyrokinetic calculation of plasma transport with a material boundary
P1.111Gribov, Y., Amoskov, V., Lamzin, E., Sytchevsky, S.Assessment of 3D perturbation of plasma boundary and variation in field lines inclination near outboard first wall caused by non-axisymmetric magnetic fields expected in ITER
P1.112Belo, P., Strachan, J., Groth, M., Corrigan, G., Harting, D., Brezinsek, S.EDGE2D/EIRENE simulations of the W event after X-point formation with the new JET-ILW
P1.114Viola, B., Frigione, D., Belo, P., Groth, M., Kempenaars, M., Kruezi, U., Marsen, S., Stamp, M.Study of the effect of the outer-strike point location on the divertor neutral pressure in JET-ILWusing EDGE2D/EIRENE
P1.115Groth, M.Divertor plasma and neutral conditions in JET-ILW ohmic plasmas in semi-horizontal and vertical divertor configurations
P1.117Meyer, O.«WEST» like divertor geometry experiments in ASDEX upgrade
P1.118Furno, I., Avino, F., Avino, F., Bovet, A., Bovet, A., Iraji, D., Iraji, D., Fasoli, A., Fasoli, A., Loizu, J., Loizu, J., Ricci, P., Ricci, P.Turbulence and turbulent structures in the TORPEX device in closed field line configurations
P1.119Viola, B., Pericoli Ridolfini, V., Maddaluno, G., Artaserse, G., Belli, F., Bin, W., Boncagni, L., Gabellieri, L., Marocco, D., Mazzotta, C., Pucella, G.Scaling of the Scrape-Off Layer parameters in FTU tokamak
P1.121Komm, M., Kočan, M., Carralero, D., Müller, H.W., Stöckel, J.Fast measurements of ion temperature in ELM filaments in the ASDEX Upgrade scrape-off layer
P1.124Kukushkin, A.S., Pacher, H.D., Pitts, R.A., Kotov, V., Pacher, G.W., Reiter, D.ITER tungsten divertor: initial operation at low power
P1.126Müller, H., Carralero, D., Birkenmeier, G., Conway, G.D., Fuchs, C., Lunt, T., deMarne, P., Fischer, R., Manz, P., Maraschek, M., Sieglin, B., Suttrop, W., Wolfrum, E.SOL turbulence modification by non-axisymmetric magnetic perturbations in L-mode
P1.127Marsen, S.Divertor Heat Load in JET - Comparing Langmuir Probe and IR Data
P1.128Morozov, D.K., Pshenov, A.A.Stabilization of radiation-condensation instability in tokamaks with beryllium wall
P1.129Okamoto, A.Volumetric recombining plasma in helicon source divertor simulator
P1.131Rudakov, D.L., Boedo, J.A., Moyer, R.A., Stangeby, P.C., Tynan, G.R., Watkins, J.G.Electron temperature fluctuations and turbulent heat fluxes in the DIII-D SOL
P1.132Bykov, A.S., Sergeev, V.Y., Khromov, N.A., Gusev, V.K., Petrov, Y.V., Sakharov, N.V., Tolstyakov, S.Y., Wagner, F.Measurements of the SOL heat flux width on Globus-M
P1.133Potzel, S., Wischmeier, M., Bernert, M., Dux, R., Müller, H., Reimold, F., Scarabosio, A.On the Fluctuating Detachment State at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.134Kocan, M., Pitts, R., Gribov, Y., Bruno, R., Carpentier-Chouchana, S., Firdaouss, M., Loarte, A., Mitteau, R.Secondary divertor heat loads during plasma current ramp down at high performance in ITER
P1.135Shurygin, V.Kinetics of hydrogen atom radiation emission of the SOL plasma in ITER
P1.136Koskela, T.S., Asunta, O., Belo, P., O'Mullane, M., Romanelli, M., Sipilä, S.Modelling of the effect of the ITER-like wall on NBI heating in JET
P1.137Liniers, M., Guasp, J., Ochando, M., Wolfers, G., Sebastián, J.A., Carrasco, R., Martín, F., Rojo, B., McCarthy, K.J., Ascasíbar, E., Zurro, B.A study of ion trajectories in the neutral beam duct of TJ-II stellarator
P1.138Orozco, G., Staebler, A., Froeschle, M., Heinemann, B., Noccentini, R., Riedl, R.A test bed for AC operation of Ti sublimation pumps in the NBI system for W7-X
P1.139Moustaizis, S.Investigations on high power neutral beam production for Tokamak applications
P1.140Zou, G., Cao, J., Lei, G., Wei, H., Zhang, X., Duan, X.Study of ion beam extraction elements for HL-2M neutral beam injector
P1.141Melnik, A., Bakharev, N., Chernyshev, F., Gusev, V., Iblyaminova, A., Kornev, V., Kurskiev, G., Matveeva, E., Minaev, V., Mironov, M., Patrov, M., Petrov, Y., Sakharov, N., Shchegolev, P., Tolstyakov, S.Study of fast ion losses during NBI heating on Globus-M tokamak
P1.142Ruf, B., Franzen, P., Fantz, U.Investigation on the beam homogeneity in large sources for negative hydrogen ions
P1.143Munaretto, S., Kumar, S.T., Eilerman, S., Nornberg, M.D., Den Hartog, D.J.Ion energization during magnetic reconnection in MST
P1.144Murakami, S.Development of momentum conserving collisional operator for Monte Carlo simulation code
P1.146Kocsis, G., Craciunescu, T., Cseh, G., Incze, A., Lang, P., Plöckl, B., Szepesi, T.Investigation of the pellet cloud radiation dynamics at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.147Cseh, G., Belonohy, E., Kardaun, O., Kocsis, G., Lang, P., Plöckl, B., Szepesi, T.A pellet cloud database to investigate isotope effects for ASDEX Upgrade
P1.148Kobayashi, S., Mizuuchi, T., Nakashima, Y.Experimental study of high density plasma operation in Heliotron J
P1.149Yu, D.Study of the high-efficiency fuelling features of supersonic molecular beam injection on HL-2A tokamak
P1.154Jones, O.M., Michael, C.A., McClements, K.G., Conway, N.J., Crowley, B.J., Akers, R.J., Lake, R.J., Pinches, S.D.Fast-ion deuterium alpha observations of the effects of fast-particle-driven MHD in the Mega-Ampere Spherical Tokamak
P1.155Rack, M., Liang, Y., Jaegers, H., Aßmann, J., Satheeswaran, G., Xu, Y., Pearson, J., Denner, P., Zeng, L.Rotating directional probe for the study of RMP effects on fast ion losses in TEXTOR
P1.156Isaev, M.Y., Medvedev, S.Y., Pinches, S.D., Sharapov, S.E.Nonlinear saturation of the Toroidal Alfven eigenmodes computed with the VENUS+δf HAGIS and KINX codes
P1.157Biancalani, A., Bottino, A., Lauber, P.W.Global simulations of GAMs and Alfven instabilities in tokamaks with the gyrokinetic codes NEMORB and LIGKA.
P1.158Fredrickson, E.D., Podestà, M., Bortolon, A.Predator-prey modeling of the coupling of co-propagating CAE to kinks
P1.159Delgado-Aparicio, L.Observation of fishbone-like internal kink modes during LHCD operation in Alcator C-Mod
P1.160Deng, W.Energetic ion excited long-lasting internal modes in HL-2A tokamak with low magnetic shear
P1.162He, H.Investigation of fishbone instabilities excited by trapped energetic electrons on the HL-2A tokamak
P1.163Snicker, A.T., Hirvijoki, E., Kurki-Suonio, T.The effect of NTMs and TAEs on fast particles in ITER
P1.164Lister, J., Besseghir, K., de Groot, J., Khayrutdinov, R., Lukash, V.Reducing radial movement in ITER H-L-mode back transitions
P1.165Håkansson, F.E., Nyqvist, R., Lilley, M.Directivity of frequency sweeping kinetic instabilities
P1.167Geiger, B., Garcia-Munoz, M., Dux, R., McDermott, R., Ryter, F., Tardini, G., Weiland, M.Fast-ion transport studies by FIDA spectroscopy at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.168Sattin, F., Escande, D.Success and failure of the convection-diffusion model to describe transport in fusion plasmas
P1.169Coda, S., de Meijere, C., Huang, Z., Margairaz, F., Brunner, S., Dominski, J., Merlo, G., Villard, L.Localized density fluctuation measurements by tangential phase-contrast imaging in the TCV tokamak and comparisons with a synthetic diagnostic
P1.170Altukhov, A., Esipov, L., Gurchenko, A., Gusakov, E., Irzak, M., Kantor, M., Kouprienko, D., Lashkul, S., Leerink, S., Teplova, N.Turbulence wave number spectra in the FT-2 tokamak by radial correlation Doppler reflectometry
P1.171Nagamine, Y., Aizawa, M.Diffusive transport analysis in low aspect ratio reversed field pinch
P1.172Dyabilin, K.S.Tokamak self-consistent pressure profiles interpretation via a “thermodynamic” approach
P1.173Newman, D., Terry, P.W., Sanchez, R.The initiation and dynamical evolution of electron and ion channel transport barriers in self-heated plasmas
P1.174Timchenko, N.Main features of turbulent flux responsible for plasma self-organization and energy confinement.
P1.177Buxton, P.F., Gibson, K., Gryaznevich, M., Sykes, A., Wilson, H.R.Gyrokinetic simulations of mixing-length diffusivity on a High Field Spherical Tokamak (HFST)
P1.178Spineanu, F., Vlad, M.The role of the rotation in the correlated transient change of the density and confinement
P1.179McMillan, B.F., Hill, P., Villard, L., Vernay, T., Bottino, A.Accuracy of momentum and gyrodensity transport equations in global gyrokinetic PIC simulations
P1.180Chouli, B.Co- and counter-current rotation induced in tore supra plasmas with LHCD
P1.181Kikuchi, M., Shaing, K., Nagasaki, K., Sano, F.Effect of impurity toroidal viscosity on offset toroidal rotation
P1.182Honda, M.Simulations of toroidal rotation driven by the neoclassical toroidal viscosity in tokamaks
P1.185Danilov, A., Dnestrovskij, Y., Vershkov, V., Borisov, M., Cherkasov, S., Dnestrovskij, A., Lysenko, S.Plasma diffusion modeling in T-10 periodic gas-puff experiment
P1.188Happel, T., Bañón Navarro, A., Conway, G., Angioni, C., Bernert, M., Dunne, M., Fable, E., Geiger, B., Görler, T., Jenko, F., McDermott, R., Ryter, F., Stroth, U.Wavenumber-resolved turbulence investigations in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak and comparison to numerical simulations
P1.201Paleari, S., Batani, D., Benocci, R., Shigemori, K., Hironaka, Y., Kadono, T., Shiroshita, A., Aliverdiev, A.A.Liquid Carbon reflectivity in the Mbar regime
P1.206Dimitriou, V.M., Kaselouris, E., Orphanos, Y., Bakarezos, E., Vainos, N., Nikolos, J.K., Papadogiannis, N.A., Tatarakis, M.Matter dynamics under the interaction with laser pulses in the thermoelastic & plasma regimes
P1.208Consoli, F., De Angelis, R., Gus'kov, S.Y., Rupasov, A.A., Andreoli, P., Cristofari, G., Di Giorgio, G., Giulietti, D., Cantono, G., Kalal, M.Experiments on laser-driven energy transfer to solid target through a foam on the ABC laser
P1.211Oreshko, A.G.On the solution of problem of nuclear fusion on base of ball lightning
P1.213Elkina, N.An adaptive grid refinement method for the relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell equations
P1.302Gott, Y.V.Plasma electron temperature detector
P1.304Tawidian, H., Diop, F., Lecas, T., Gibert, T., Mikikian, M.Void behavior and profile using laser induced fluorescence
P1.311Mohr, D.P., Knapek, C.A., Konopka, U., Wörner, L., Du, C., Heidemann, R., Wildgruber, G., Rubin-Zuzic, M., Morfill, G.E., Thomas, H.M.PlasmaLab --- Next generation plasma chambers for the ISS
P1.312Mustapha, I.Effect of a polynomial arbitrary dust size distribution on dust-acoustic double layers in dusty plasmas.
P1.403de Sousa, M.C., Caldas, I.L., de Almeida, A.O., Rizzato, F.B., Pakter, R.Multiple island chains in primary resonances
P1.406Escande, D.F., Doveil, F., Elskens, Y.Basic microscopic plasma physics unified and simplified by N-body classical mechanics
P1.409King, M.Computational and experimental study of beam-plasma instabilities relevant to fast-ignition inertial confinement fusion
P1.410Kuhn, S., Tskhakaya, D.D., Kos, L.The non-marginal Bohm condition in the collisionless plasma diode
P1.412Rohlena, K., Masek, M.Influence of the laser spark generation mechanism on electric and magnetic fields in its vicinity
P1.568Hollmann, E.M., Commaux, N., Eidietis, N.W., Humphreys, D.A., Jernigan, T.C., Lasnier, C.J., Moyer, R.A., Pitts, R., Sugihara, M., Strait, E.J., Watkins, J.G., Wesley, J.C.Characterization of Heat Loads From Mitigated and Unmitigated VDEs in DIII-D
P2.011Thomsen, H., Zhang, D., Biedermann, C., König, R., Li, D., Mayer, M., Pedersen, T.S., Svensson, J., Weller, A.Reconstruction Accuracy of the Soft X-Ray Tomography System on MHD Modes in Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator
P2.021Brezinsek, S.Study of physical and chemical sputtering of beryllium in the JET ITER-Like Wall
P2.102Hartwell, G.J., ArchMiller, M.C., Cianciosa, M., Hanson, J.D., Hebert, J., Herfindal, J., Knowlton, S.F., Ma, X., Maurer, D.A., Pandya, M., Traverso, P.Overview of results from the compact toroidal hybrid experiment
P2.103Anikeev, A., Bagryansky, P., Donin, A., Ivanov, A., Korzhavina, M., Kovalenko, Y., Lizunov, A., Maximov, V., Murakhtin, S., Pinzhenin, E., Prikhodko, V., Savkin, V., Soldatkina, E., Solomakhin, A., Zaytsev, K.Experimental results in support of the neutron source based on an axisymmetric mirror trap
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List of conferences