Vol. 35G
ISBN 2-914771-68-1

38th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics,
27 June - 1 July 2011

Strasbourg, France

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O1.301Gingell, P.W., Chapman, S.C., Dendy, R.O., Brady, C.S.Hybrid code investigation of the physics of multi-species plasma blobs in magnetic fields
O1.302Takamura, S., Miyamoto, T., Ohno, N.Outstanding properties of tungsten material with fiber-form nanostructured subsurface for the wall of fusion reactor
O2.101Nishiura, M., Kubo, S., Tanaka, K.Observation of fast ion velocity distribution and driven waves by collective Thomson scattering diagnostic in the Large Helical Device
O2.102Huber, A., Arnoux, G., Bozhenkov, S., Brezinsek, S., Fuchs, C., Fundamenski, W., Jachmich, S., Kruezi, U., Lehnen, M., Loarte, A., Matthews, G., Mertens, P., Philipps, V., Pitts, R., Samm, U., Schweer, B., Sergienko, G., Stamp, M.Radiation heat loads on plasma-facing components of JET during the massive gas injection experiment
O2.103Konz, C.First physics applications of the Integrated Tokamak Modelling (ITM-TF) tools to the MHD stability analysis of experimental data and ITER scenarios
O2.104Scannell, R., Dickinson, D., Kirk, A., Roach, C.M., Saarelma, S.Evolution of the edge pressure gradient during the ELM cycle on MAST
O2.105Piovesan, P., Soppelsa, A., Fabris, D., Hanson, J., In, Y., Marconato, N., Marrelli, L., Martin, P., Okabayashi, M., Piron, L., Reimerdes, H., Strait, T., Terranova, D., Villone, F.Inclusion of 3D wall effects in MHD feedback control for RFP and tokamak plasmas
O2.106Frederic, C.Intermittent turbulence measurements with ultra-fast sweep reflectometry on Tore Supra
O2.303Potzel, S., Dux, R., Müller, H.W., Scarabosio, A., Wischmeier, M.Electron density measurements in detached divertor plasmas of ASDEX Upgrade via Stark broadening of the Balmer lines
O2.304Brandenburg, R.On the spatio-temporal development of microdischarges in pulsed driven volume dielectric barrier discharges
O2.402Vranjes, J.Transverse kinetic drift wave and particle transport
O3.107Kurki-Suonio, T., Miettunen, J., Makkonen, T., Groth, M., Hirvijoki, E., Hakola, A., Likonen, J., Krieger, K., Äkäslompolo, S.3D ASCOT simulations of 13C transport in ASDEX Upgrade
O3.108Devaux, S.Surface layers effect on heat loads on the JET divertor targets
O3.109Soukhanovskii, V.A.The snowflake divertor: a game-changer for magnetic fusion devices?
O3.110Loarer, T.Isotopic plasma wall changeover experiments during long discharges in Tore Supra
O3.111Budny, R.V.Alpha heating in ITER L-mode and H-mode plasmas
O3.112Lang, P.T., Suttrop, W., Belonohy, E., Fischer, R., Hobirk, J., Kardaun, O., Kocsis, G., Kurzan, B., Maraschek, M., deMarne, P., Mlynek, A., Schneider, P., Szepesi, T., Wolfrum, E.High density H-mode operation by pellet injection and ELM mitigation with the new active in-vessel saddle coils in ASDEX Upgrade
O3.113Wright, J.C.Time Dependent evolution of RF-generated non-thermal particle distributions in fusion plasmas
O3.114Laqua, H.P., Chlechowitz, E., Chouli, B., Marsen, S., Stange, T., Otte, M., Preinhaelter, J., Urban, J.Multi-Frequency Microwave Heating and Current Drive in over-dense Plasmas at the WEGA Stellarator
O3.115Buratti, P., Baruzzo, M., Buttery, R.J., Challis, C.D., Chapman, I.T., Crisanti, F., Figini, L., Gryaznevich, M., Han, H., Hender, T.C., Hobirk, J., Howell, D.F., Imbeaux, F., Joffrin, E., Kwon, O., Litaudon, X., Maget, P., Mailloux, J.Onset of tearing modes in JET advanced scenarios
O3.116Imada, K., Wilson, H.Collision frequency dependence of neoclassical tearing mode threshold
O3.117Reux, C., Huijsmans, G., Bucalossi, J., Bécoulet, M.Non-linear simulations of disruption mitigation using massive gas injection on Tore Supra
O3.118Saint-Laurent, F., Bucalossi, J., Reux, C., Bremond, S., Douai, D., Gil, C., Moreau, P.Control of runaway electron beam heat loads on Tore Supra
O3.205Jovanovic, D., Fedele, R., Tanjia, F., De Nicola, S.Propagation of ultrastrong femtosecond laser pulses in PLASMON-X
O3.207Perego, C., Veltcheva, M., Batani, D., Passoni, M.Target Normal Sheath Acceleration effective modeling study
O4.119Muller, S.H., Boedo, J.A., Burrell, K.H., deGrassie, J.S., Moyer, R.A., Rudakov, D.L., Solomon, W.M., Tynan, G.R.Intrinsic rotation generation in DIII-D ELM-free H-mode plasmas
O4.120Weisen, H.Probable identification of the Coriolis momentum pinch in JET
O4.121Pütterich, T., Viezzer, E., Dux, R., McDermott, R.M.Poloidal Asymmetry of Toroidal Rotation Measured in ASDEX Upgrade
O4.122Staebler, G.M., Waltz, R.E., Kinsey, J.E., Solomon, W.M., Belli, E.A.Multi-species gyro-kinetic momentum transport modeling with the trapped gyro-Landau fluid model
O4.123Qiu, Z., Zonca, F., Chen, L.Theory of geodesic aoustic mode excitation by a spatially broad energetic particle beam
O4.124Conway, G.D., Angioni, C., Ryter, F., Tynan, G.R., Sauter, P., Vicente, J.Zonal flows, GAMs and turbulence behaviour across the L-H transition in ASDEX Upgrade
O4.125Xu, Y.Overview of recent results on long-range correlations and zonal flows in the edge of TEXTOR tokamak
O4.126Laure, V.Impact of collisionality on fluctuation characteristics of micro-turbulence on Tore Supra
O4.209Kakolee, K.F., Doria, D., Kar, S., Kirby, D., Kaur, S., Fiorini, F., Jeynes, J., Kirby, K., Merchant, M., Green, S., Zepf, M., Borghesi, M., Schettino, G., Kavanagh, J.Cell irradiation experiment using laser driven protons at ultra high dose rate
O4.211Kar, S.Parametric scans of HB and LS-RPA regimes employing Petawatt laser
O4.214Prasad, R.Laser driven ion acceleration from ultra thin foils in the ultra relativistic intensity regime
O4.215Klimo, O., Riconda, C., Weber, S., Limpouch, J., Ribeyre, X., Schurtz, G., Tikhonchuk, V.T.Physics of laser plasma interaction in the context of shock ignition
O4.306Tatarova, E.S., Henriques, J., Dias, F., Ferreira, C.M., Gordiets, B.Microwave Plasma Source for Biomedical Applications
O4.307Allen, J.E.Plasma-sheath resonance in a plasma reactor: a model with finite geometry
O4.308Trent, K.R., Schabshelowitz, A., Gallimore, A.D.EEDF Control Through Gas Injection Into a Plasma Plume
O4.310Bret, A.On the proton to electron mass ratio in particle-in-cell simulations
O4.409Biancalani, A., Scott, B.D.Nonlinear growth acceleration in gyrofluid simulations of collisionless reconnection
O4.416Vlad, M., Spineanu, F.Nonlinear evolution of drift turbulence: inverse cascade, zonal flows, intermittency
O5.127Sips, A., Challis, C., Weisen, H.Scientific preparation for future D-T campaigns at JET in support of ITER
O5.128Barabaschi, P., Bolzonella, T., Giruzzi, G., Ishida, S., Kamada, Y., Lackner, K., Matsunaga, G., Nakano, T., Orsitto, F.P., Shinohara, K., Suzuki, T., Urano, H., Yoshida, M.JT-60SA scientific programme toward ITER and DEMO
O5.129Hobirk, J.Comparison of different improved H-mode scenarios on ASDEX Upgrade and JET
O5.130Keeling, D., Akers, R., de Bock, M., Challis, C., Michael, C., Patel, A.Test of current diffusion modelling in MAST current ramp-up
O5.218Danson, C.N.Overview of Project Orion
O5.219Marocchino, A., Atzeni, S., Schiavi, A.Ablative Richtmyer-Meshkov and Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities in direct-drive laser fusion and growth reduction by adiabat shaping
O5.312Pandey, B.Trajectory of a charged dust inside magnetised sheath
O5.313Tsytovich, V.N., Vladimirov, S.V., Morfill, G.E.Shell-void structures in complex plasmas
O5.316Khrustalyov, Y.V., Vaulina, O.S., Petrov, O.F., Fortov, V.E.Thermal conductivity and capacity for 2D and 3D non-ideal systems
O5.417Lazerson, S.A., Gates, D., Monticello, D., Neilson, H., Pomphrey, N., Reiman, A., Sakakibara, S., Suzuki, Y.Equilibrium reconstruction on the Large Helical Device
O5.418Gustafson, K., Bovet, A., Fasoli, A., Furno, I., Ricci, P.Fast ion transport in TORPEX: framework for comparison between theory and experiment
O5.420Felici, F., Sauter, O., Coda, S., Duval, B., Goodman, T., Moret, J.Optimization, real-time simulation and feedback control of tokamak plasma profiles on TCV
P1.003Fasoli, A., Bovet, A., Furno, I., Gustafson, K., Iraji, D., Labit, B., Lancon, D., Loizu, J., Ricci, P., Theiler, C., Spolaore, M., Vianello, N., Cavazzana, R.Overview of Turbulence and Transport Studies in the TORPEX Simple Magnetized Plasmas
P1.004Fernandez-Gomez, I., Martin-Solis, J.R., Sanchez, R.Perpendicular dynamics of runaway electrons on tokamak plasmas
P1.006Gogichaishvili, D.Z.Nature and dynamics of pseudo- and shear-Alfvén waves overreflection in incompressible MHD shear flows
P1.008Krasheninnikov, S.On the theory of dynamics of dust grain in plasma
P1.009Figueroa, M.M., Rubiano, J.G., de la Fe, J.G., Pérez, R.R., Hernández, R.F., Torres, E.M.Equation of state for hot dense matter using a relativistic screened hydrogenic model
P1.010Maero, G., Paroli, B., De Luca, F., Ikram, M., Pozzoli, R., Romé, M.Dynamical equilibrium of a radio frequency-sustained electron plasma in a Penning-Malmberg trap
P1.011Paroli, B., Cavaliere, F., Cavenago, M., De Luca, F., Ikram, M., Maero, G., Pozzoli, R., Romé, M.Thomson backscattering diagnostics of nanosecond electron bunches traveling in a Penning-Malmberg trap
P1.012Paz-Soldan, C.A., Bergerson, W.F., Brookhart, M.I., Hannum, D.A., Sarff, J.S., Hegna, C.C., Forest, C.B.Stabilization of the Line-Tied Resistive Wall Mode by a Rotating Conducting Wall
P1.018Schrittwieser, R.W., Niedrist, R.Localized detached glow above a titanium hollow cathode
P1.021Bromová, E., Ďuran, I., Grover, O., Kocman, J., Markovič, T., Odstrčil, M., Odstrčil, T., Pluhař, O., Stöckel, J., Svoboda, V., Šindlery, A., Vondrášek, G., Zara, J.The tokamak GOLEM for fusion education
P1.026Antonelli, L., Batani, D., Patria, A., Ciricosta, O., Labate, L., Koester, P., Cecchetti, C., Gizzi, L., Nejdi, J., Kozlovà, M., Rus, B., Moretti, A., Richetta, M., Schurtz, G.Study of laser-matter interaction in an intensity regime relevant for shock ignition
P1.027Gruenwald, J., Stenzel, R., Ionita, C., Schrittwieser, R.Further experiments on inverted fireballs
P1.028Lehmann, G., Spatschek, K.Raman and Brillouin scattering in ultra-relativistic laser-plasma interaction
P1.031King, M., McConville, S., Ronald, K., Speirs, D., Bryson, R., Gillespie, K., Phelps, A., Bingham, R., Cross, A., Whyte, C., Cairns, R.A., Vorgul, I., Trines, R.Investigation of beam-plasma instabilities utilising numerical and experimental methods
P1.038Egorychev, B., Ivanovsky, A., Kraev, A., Kudelkin, V., Skobelev, A.Study of a possibility to get spherical symmetry of a quasi-spherical liner implosion under the effect of axial magnetic field
P1.039Henry, O.Implementation and operational use of diagnostics to determine the useable energy in the center of the chamber on the LIL
P1.040Kasperczuk, A.Influence of plastic plasma on process of aluminium plasma jet formation
P1.041Limpouch, J., Gus'kov, S.Y., Tikhonchuk, V.T.Propagation of laser-supported ionization wave in an underdense target
P1.044Andreeva, T., Bräuer, T., Endler, M., Kißlinger, J.Compensation of Wendelstein 7-X construction errors by optimisation of module positions
P1.045Beklemishev, A.D., Astrelin, V., Burdakov, A., Ivanov, A., Ivanov, I., Postupaev, V., Sinitsky, S.Fusion prospects of axisymmetric traps with multi-mirror end plugs
P1.047Alekseyev, A.G., Belov, A.M., Lazarev, V.B., Mirnov, S.V., Panov, A.I., Zabrodsky, V.V.Fast XUV plasma imaging: matrix array detector with 1 Mfps frame rate
P1.049Baião, D., Medina, F., Ochando, M., Pastor, I., Varandas, C.Sensitivity of central electron temperature estimations with the multi-foil diagnostic to profile transitions in TJ-II NBI-heated plasmas
P1.052Czarnecka, A., Kubkowska, M., Jablonski, S., Wolowski, J., Kaczmarczyk, J., Weller, A., Koenig, R., Burhenn, R., Biedermann, C.Concept of pulse height analysis system (PHA) for Wendelstein 7-X
P1.053DInca, R., Garcia-Munoz, M., Tardini, G., Noterdaeme, J.Characteristics of Ion Cyclotron Emission on ASDEX Upgrade
P1.054Hu, L.Q.Technical development for measurement of the plasma radiation on the EAST tokamak
P1.055Duan, Y.M., Hu, L.Q., Mao, S.T., Chen, K.Y., Lin, S.Y.Preliminary results of the Pt foil resistive bolometer on EAST
P1.056Dux, R., Geiger, B., McDermott, R.M., Pütterich, T., Viezzer, E.Impurity density determination using charge exchange and beam emission spectroscopy at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.058Andersson Sundén, E., Ericsson, G., Conroy, S., Hellesen, C., Skiba, M., Cecconello, M., Eriksson, J., Sangaroon, S., Weiszflog, M., Wodniak, I.Developments of time-of-flight and proton recoil neutron spectrometry techniques in view of a possible JET DT campaign and for ITER
P1.059Adamek, J., Horacek, J., Muller, H.W., Schrittwieser, R., Tichy, M., Nielsen, A.H.Fast ion temperature measurements using ball-pen probes in the SOL of ASDEX Upgrade during L-mode
P1.060Ahn, J., Maingi, R., McLean, A., Canik, J., Diallo, A., Gray, T., Jaworski, M., LeBlanc, B., Roquemore, L., Soukhanovskii, V., Tritz, K., Loarte, A.Effect of 3-D fields on divertor detachment and associated pedestal profiles in NSTX H-mode plasmas
P1.061Aho-Mantila, L., Wischmeier, M., Kirschner, A., Borodin, D., Krieger, K.Effect of field reversal on carbon migration in the outer divertor of ASDEX Upgrade
P1.062Allan, S.Y., Elmore, S., Kirk, A., Kocan, M., Tamain, P., Rozhansky, V.Ion energy measurements using a retarding field energy analyser on MAST
P1.063Arakcheev, A., Lotov, K.Model of brittle destruction based on hypothesis of scale similarity
P1.065Bardoczi, L.Spatiotemporal structure of Geodesic Acoustic Modes in the edge plasma of TEXTOR
P1.066Calabro, G.Snowflake divertor plasma studies on FAST proposal
P1.067Carpentier-Chouchana, S., Pitts, R., Lisgo, S., Kukushkin, A., Elder, D., Stangeby, P.Simulations of beryllium erosion-re-deposition and tritium retention in the ITER main chamber using LIM-DIVIMP
P1.068Corre, Y.L., Balorin, C., Carpentier-chouchana, S., Courtois, X., Dejarnac, R., Delpech, L., Desgranges, C., Delchambre, E., Firdaouss, M., Jouve, M., Gardarein, J., Gunn, J., Loarer, T., Martin, V., Saint-laurent, F., Prou, M.Experimental study of the spreading of the heat flux on the TPL of Tore Supra
P1.070Dunne, M.G., McCarthy, P.J., Wolfrum, E., Fischer, R., Burckhart, A.Inter-ELM pedestal current density evolution in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.071Feng, Y., Lunt, T., Kukushkin, A.EMC3-Eirene/SOLPS4.3 comparison for ITER
P1.072Fischer, R., Fuchs, C.J., Kurzan, B., McDermott, R.M., Pütterich, T., Rathgeber, S.K., Suttrop, W., Viezzer, E., Willensdorfer, M., Wolfrum, E.Effect of non-axisymmetric magnetic perturbations on profiles at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.073Forster, M., Finken, K., Lehnen, M., Linke, J., Schweer, B., Thomser, C., Willi, O., Xu, Y.Spectral and radial distributions of runaway electrons in a disruption at TEXTOR
P1.074Goldston, R.Heuristic drift-based model for the power scrape-off width in H-mode tokamaks
P1.075Poyé, A., Agullo, O., Smolyakov, A., Benkadda, S., Garbet, X.Global profile effects on magnetic islands and current sheets formation
P1.076Asahi, Y., Suzuki, Y., Watanabe, K., Cooper, W.A.MHD equilibrium analysis with anisotropic pressure in LHD
P1.077Behn, R., Pitzschke, A., Duval, B.P., Induni, G., Medvedev, S.Y., Porte, L., Sauter, O.Dynamics of pedestal profiles in ELMy H-mode plasmas in TCV at different collisionalities
P1.078Berkery, J.W., Sabbagh, S.A., Betti, R., Bell, R.E., Diallo, A., Gerhardt, S.P., LeBlanc, B.P., Manickam, J., Podesta, M.Resistive wall mode kinetic stability advancements for refined comparison with experiments
P1.080Canal, G.P., Duval, B., Felici, F., Goodman, T., Graves, J., Pochelon, A., Reimerdes, H., Sauter, O., Testa, D.Coupling Between Sawteeth and Tearing Modes in TCV
P1.081Cerfon, A., Parra, F.I., Freidberg, J.P.Asymptotic expansion for stellarator equilibria with a non-planar magnetic axis
P1.082Choi, M.J., Yun, G.S., Lee, J., Lee, W., Park, H.K., Domier, C.W., Luhmann, Jr., N.C., Tobias, B., Donne, A.J., Lee, J.H.Detailed 2-D imaging of growth and burst of edge-localized filaments in KSTAR H-mode plasmas
P1.083Curran, D.B., Lauber, P., Mc Carthy, P., da Graça, S., Igochine, V.Low-frequency Alfvén eigenmodes during the sawtooth cycle at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.084da Graça, S.Fast particle mode studies with NBI heating on ASDEX Upgrade using reflectometry
P1.085Delgado-Aparicio, L.Formation, stability and momentum transport characteristics of impurity-induced snakes in Alcator C-Mod
P1.086Drevlak, M., Geiger, J., Helander, P.Improved Fast Particle Confinement from Optimised Coil Currents
P1.087Elfimov, A.G., Galvão, R.M., Sgalla, R.J.Rotation effect on geodesic modes in tokamak plasmas with isothermal magnetic surfaces
P1.088Nowak, S., Lazzaro, E., Brunetti, D., Esposito, B., Granucci, G., Maraschek, M., Zohm, H.Analysis of NTM (de)stabilization by ECH in ASDEX Upgrade
P1.089Ferron, J.R., Holcomb, C.T., Luce, T.C., Park, J.M., Politzer, P.A., Turco, F., DeBoo, J.C., Doyle, E.J., Hyatt, A.W., In, Y., La Haye, R.J., Murakami, M., Petrie, T.W., Petty, C.C., Reimerdes, H., Rhodes, T.L., White, A.E., Zeng, L.Design parameters for DIII-D steady-state scenario discharges
P1.090Fuchs, J.C., Eich, T., Fischer, R., Giannone, L., Herrmann, A., Kurzan, B., de Marne, P., McCarthy, P.J., Neuhauser, J., Suttrop, W., Schneider, W., Wolfrum, E.Influence of non-axisymmetric magnetic perturbations on the equilibrium reconstruction at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.091Goedbloed, H., Freidberg, J.Poloidal and toroidal plasma rotation and resistive wall modes in tokamaks
P1.092Hao, G., Liu, Y., Wang, A., Jiang, H., Lu, G., He, H., Qiu, X.Stabilization of the resistive wall mode instability by trapped energetic particles
P1.094Aleynikov, P., Konovalov, S., Leonov, V., Afanasyev, V., Mironov, M., Teplukhina, A.Monte Carlo calculations of the fast ion distribution function for needs of NPA diagnostics in ITER
P1.095Bombarda, F., Frattolillo, A., Migliori, S., Podda, S., Capobianchi, M., Baylor, L.R., Stephen, C.K., Coppi, B.High Density Regimes for the Ignitor Experiment
P1.096Castaldo, C., Cardinali, A., Marinucci, M.A Superthermal Nuclear Fusion Reactor
P1.097Ceccuzzi, S., Maggiora, R., Milanesio, D., Mirizzi, F., Panaccione, L.Validation of Lower Hybrid coupling codes (Brambilla, GRILL3D-U, TOPLHA) with the FTU conventional grill
P1.098Cook, J.W., Dendy, R., Chapman, S.Wave-particle resonance and gyrobunching in the lower hybrid drift instability
P1.100Fuchs, V., Harvey, R.W., Cairns, R.A., Urban, J., Zacek, F., Peysson, Y., Decker, J., Preynas, M., Goniche, M., Hillairet, J.Assessment of Lower Hybrid Current Drive System for COMPASS
P1.101Fusco, V., Cardinali, A.Numerical and analytical solution of the lower hybrid electromagnetic wave equation in one dimensional geometry for propagating and mode converted waves
P1.102Goniche, M., Sharma, P.K., Baranov, Y., Castaldo, C., Cesario, R., Decker, J., Delpech, L., Ekedahl, A., Hillairet, J., Kirov, K., Mazon, D., Ohsako, T., Peysson, Y., Prou, M.Lower hybrid current drive efficiency at high density on Tore Supra
P1.103Green, D.L., Jaeger, E.F., Berry, L.A., Ryan, P.M.Whole-device linear full-wave simulation of high harmonic ion cyclotron heating in H-mode tokamak plasmas
P1.104Besseghir, K., Lister, J.B.Scenario optimisation for ITER
P1.105Lister, J., Besseghir, K., Artaud, J., Khayrutdinov, R., Kim, S., Lukash, V.Development of the DINA-CH full tokamak simulator
P1.106Casper, T., Campbell, D., Gribov, Y., Meyer, W., Oikawa, T., Pearlstein, L.D., Polevoi, A., Snipes, J., Zabeo, L.Modeling development for control for ITER low-activation scenarios
P1.107Chen, Z.Y.Generation and termination of runaway currents in KSTAR
P1.108Djordjevic, S., de Baar, M., Steinbuch, M., Citrin, J., Hogeweij, D.G.Controllability analysis of the magnetic flux in ITER hybrid scenarios
P1.110Abiteboul, J., Garbet, X., Grandgirard, V., Allfrey, S., Dif-Pradalier, G., Ghendrih, P., Latu, G., Passeron, C., Sarazin, Y., Strugarek, A.Momentum conservation and gyrokinetic simulations of toroidal rotation
P1.111Aizawa, M.Particle confinement and magnetic field properties of improved low aspect ratio L=1 helical systems
P1.112Allmaier, K., Kasilov, S.V., Kernbichler, W.Delta f Monte Carlo computations of parallel conductivity in stellarators
P1.113Nemov, V.V., Kasilov, S.V., Kernbichler, W., Kalyuzhnyj, V.N., Allmaier, K.Calculations of high energy particle losses for stellarators in real space coordinates
P1.115Askinazi, L., Khrebtov, S., Komarov, A., Kornev, V., Krikunov, S., Krupnik, L., Lebedev, S., Rozhdestvensky, V., Tendler, M., Tukachinsky, A., Vildjunas, M., Zhubr, N.GAM evolution in the H-mode discharge in the TUMAN-3M tokamak
P1.116Asunta, O.Fast ion wall loads in ASDEX Upgrade in the presence of magnetic perturbations due to ELM mitigation coils
P1.117Banon navarro, A., Morel, P., Albrecht-Marc, M., Carati, D., Merz, F., Goerler, T., Jenko, F.Free Energy Transfers in Gyrokinetic Turbulence
P1.118Battaglia, D.J., Chang, C., Kaye, S., Ku, S., Maingi, R., Ahn, J., Bell, R., Diallo, A., Gerhardt, S., LeBlanc, B., Menard, J., Soukhanovskii, V.Dependence of the LH power threshold on the X-point radius
P1.119Belo, P., Parail, V., Nunes, I., Corrigan, G., Lonnroth, J., Maggi, C., McDonald, D.Simulations of the H to L transition in JET plasmas
P1.121Bodi, K., Ciraolo, G., Ghendrih, P., Schwander, F., Serre, E., Tamain, P.Impact of the Boussinesq approximation in tokamak scrape–off layer turbulence
P1.122Boedo, J.A., Schmitz, O., Reimerdes, H., Lao, L.L., Izzo, V.A., Rudakov, D.L., Lanctot, M.J., Osborne, T.H., Unterberg, E.A., Brooks, N.H., Evans, T.E., Hollmann, E.M., Groebner, R.J., Orlov, D.M., Watkins, J.G., Leonard, A.W., Lasnier, C.J., Moyer, R.A., Porter, G.D., Tynan, G.R.Plasma Response to applied resonant magnetic perturbations in DIII-D
P1.123Boom, J.E., Classen, I.G., Wolfrum, E., de Vries, P.C., Maraschek, M., Donné, A.J., Tobias, B.J., Domier, C.W., Luhmann, N.C., Park, H.K.2D characterization of type-II Edge Localized Modes at ASDEX Upgrade
P1.126Calvo, I., Parra, F.I.Second-order electrostatic gyrokinetics in general magnetic geometry and its relevance for toroidal momentum transport in tokamaks
P1.127Camenen, Y., Idomura, Y., Jolliet, S., Peeters, A.Consequences of profile shearing on toroidal momentum transport
P1.128Carralero, D.Recent Results on the Search for Self Organization of Plasma Edge Fluctuations
P1.129Carraro, L., Predebon, I., Auriemma, F., Barbui, T., Franz, P., Gobbin, M., Guo, S., Puiatti, M., Ruzzon, A., Scarin, P., Valisa, M.Outward impurity convection in the RFX-mod Reversed Field Pinch
P1.132Cheng, J., Yan, L.W., Dong, J.Q., Zhao, K.J.Fluctuation suppression induced by gas puffing in HL-2A Tokamak
P1.133Citrin, J., Hobirk, J., Schneider, M., Artaud, J., Bourdelle, C., Crombé, K., Hogeweij, D., Imbeaux, F., Joffrin, E., Koechl, F., Stober, J.Predictive transport analysis of JET and AUG hybrid scenarios
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List of conferences